Definitions for "Ado"
Microsoft ActiveX data objects. A unit of information that can be addressed individually in the ActiveX architecture. ADO is commonly used to manipulate data in databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Oracle, and Microsoft Access.
ActiveX Data Objects. a simplified programming interface to OLE DB. Both ADO and OLE DB have been developed by Microsoft.
Arbitrary Digital Object, the actual file uploaded by the proponent, stored in the SSDB along with the metadata file (mif) created for it. click here
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Ampex Digital Optics. This was a DVE manufactured by the Ampex Corporation, but eventually became a verb for moving a rectangular frame of video in a DVE (“I'll just ADO the logo over to this position...”).
(Ampex Digital Optics) Trade name for digital effects system manufactured and sold by Ampex.
acronym for Ampex's digital video effects (DVE) system.
Doing; trouble; difficulty; troublesome business; fuss; bustle; as, to make a great ado about trifles.
a rapid bustling commotion
a fuss, so I note
Ado (also Adon, Adonis Viennensis) (d. 874), archbishop of Vienne in Lotharingia, belonged to a famous Frankish house, and spent much of his middle life in Italy. He held his archiepiscopal seat from 850 till his death on the 16th of December 874. Several of his letters are extant and reveal their writer as an energetic man of wide sympathies and considerable influence.
ADO, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Optanten für Deutschland (Association for Germany Optants) was founded on 30 January 1940. It was an association for South Tyroleans who had chosen to emigrate to the Third Reich.
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The designation given to the secondary kyogen actor(s) in either the interludes of noh plays or in kyogen plays. In a few noh-like kyogen, such a Semi, the secondary actor is labelled waki. Compare omo.
Alianza Democr*atica de Oposición (Democratic Opposition Alliance). Opposition alliance of three major parties and several smaller parties formed to contest the 1984 elections. Remained officially in place in late 1987.
Assistant Disbursing Officer. Person with authority to pay wildland fire suppression crews, transient labor, local residents, and vendors with US Treasury checks.
Fabric vendor specializing in lace and sheers. (851 Simuel Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29301)
air defense officer
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Using Mata with ado-files
initials indicating an EDO that is an Area Development Agency. definition of area economic development organization defined definition of area development organization defined
Asian Development Outlook
n. unnecessary activity or ceremony.
Australian Defence Organisation
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To do; in doing; as, there is nothing ado.
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Available dissolved oxygen.