Definitions for "SCO"
Shanghai Cooperative Organization
Shanghai Co-operation Organisation
Shanghai Cooperation Organization
See State Coordinating Officer.
State Coordinating Officer. An official designated by the governor of an affected state upon the declaration of a major disaster or emergency to coordinate state and local disaster assistance efforts with those of the federal government and to act in cooperation with FCO to administer disaster recovery efforts.
Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office
An acronym for surface contaminated object.
JDO defines 2 main groups of Java objects. The second group is those objects that don't have an identity. These are termed "Second Class Objects" or SCO for short.
Shareable Content Object. Self-contained units of learning. They can be used as building blocks (or legos) to create packages (lessons) of SCOs, but they cannot be broken down into smaller units. see also: Learning Content Management System; Learning Objects
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Shipper Car Order - a request by a shipper to a railroad for empty cars of a certain type for loading.
Rules established by AAR to provide the shortest route-miles return of empty equipment to its owner.
Special Car Orders. Instructions pertaining to certain classes of cars that take precedence over the Code of Service Rules and are in effect for specific reasons.
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Santa Cruz Operation
Synchronous Connection Oriented link. A circuit-switching link used for reserved bandwidth communications. This is commonly used when transmitting voice data, as it has a higher priority. This data is not retransmitted to check quality, as opposed to ACL. An ACL link must first be established before a SCO.
A low level voice connection.
Synchronous Connection-Oriented - Used for audio only or a combination of audio and data transmission.
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Stands for Seasonal Climate Outlook. These are outlooks of rainfall and temperature for three months ahead and are updated every month. See
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Another Linux/Unix company.
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Supply Chain Optimization
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High Score (various)