Definitions for "Installation"
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The setting up of exhibit booths and materials according to instructions and drawings.
Art works of various media, such as painting, sculpture, and projected images that fill a certain space and are used to create an idea or story for the viewer.
a large-scale artwork, some eight feet high and thirty feet wide, that will likely be imperceptible, or nearly so, at first glance
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The whole of a military base, post, camp, outpost, etc., constructed and operated for support of military operations.
Army Department controlled improvements or property.An installation is used for military functions and is used by military groups or organizations.
A process whereby officers are sworn in prior to taking office following an election. Until the installation takes place, all current officers remain in position. An installing officer is appointed by the Department Commander for Camp installations and by the Commander-in-Chief for Department installations. The installing officer is required to report the installation, along with names and addresses of all officers installed to the appropriate secretary (Department for Camps and National for Departments).
the act of actually placing the system onto the hardware environment. This does not mean that the system is configured or tested. It simply means that it "glows" on a screen.
All actions required to provide a properly functioning system, including construction, inspection, testing, debugging, and acceptance.
(ANSI) The phase in the system life cycle that includes assembly and testing of the hardware and software of a computerized system. Installation includes installing a new computer system, new software or hardware, or otherwise modifying the current system.
The whole of a system of machines, apparatus, and accessories, sometimes including the buildings and gorounds on which they are located, when set up and arranged for practical working, as in electric lighting, transmission of power, etc.; as, our installation in Baton Rouge can produce ten thousand gallons a day; we should move our drying installation from building A to building B.
The assembling of fabricated steel building system components to form a completed structure.
Level: Component A physical component of an occurrence that is not powered. Can be an object, a set of objects or an environment and may be integrated with powered, eventually electronic components. The whole of a system of machines, apparatus, and accessories, when set up and arranged for practical working or aesthetic experiences in a specific environment (interior or exterior of a building or public plaza).
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The establishment of a nationally recognized Alpha Chi Omega chapter - the presentation of an Alpha Chi Omega charter and assignment of chapter name.
Ceremony that establishes a chapter of the Society.
the establishment and chartering of a new Lambda Chi Alpha chapter.
Teaching or acquiring a new strategy or behavior, generally by rehearsal or future-pacing.
an example of this strategy
Process for putting a new mental strategy (way of doing things) inside mind-body so it operates automatically, often achieved through anchoring, leverage, metaphors, parables, reframing, future pacing, etc.
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The process of setting up exhibit properties according to specifications. Also called Assembly, Set Up.
Something put in place, or the process of putting in place, whether by assembly, construction, or setup, etc. [D02864] RMW
a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry; "the assembly plant is an enormous facility"
The act of installing; as, the installation of the air conditioner took half an hour.
Any electrical work or equipment, such as a socket-outlet, fusebox or light switch.
the act of installing something (as equipment); "the telephone installation took only a few minutes"
The term "installation" is used to describe a site which has a cap on its carbon dioxide emissions, as part of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.
A stationary technical unit where one or more products are produced
Stationary technical unit, where one or more activities listed in Annex I to the IPPC Directive are carried out, and any other directly associated activities, which have a technical connection with the activities carried out on that site and which could have an effect on emissions and pollution.
the act of installing (a person) or giving possession of an office, rank, or order, with the usual rites or ceremonies; as, the installation of an ordained minister in a parish.
a service in which a person is made the official bearer of a clerical or academic office: the Installation of the Dean or Vice-Chancellor; a service at which an already consecrated bishop is installed as bishop of a diocese.
The physical placement and setup of the PacketHound appliance on a network, and installing the Administrator on a network machine.
Installation (or setup) of a program (including drivers) is the act and the effect of putting the program in a computer system so that it can be executed.
a simple soft sided waterbeds pine furniture operations to theirr depth and soft sided waterbeds of resilient terms
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a chit that does not move
a contemporary artform recently introduced to theatre
a Perforce Server that manages any number of depots and client workspaces
For the collector array installation you need to enter parameters for the inclination (tilt angle) and orientation (azimuth angle). The radiation processor uses these two parameters to calculate the irradiation onto the tilted surface.
The physical hook-up and diagnostic testing of a PBX switch, cabinet, or peripheral item prior to a cutover and maintenance acceptance by the maintaining vendor.
The planned installation scenario should be outlined. Installation instructions in the user manual must be complete and easy to follow. Also, on-screen instructions during install must be simple and easy to follow. EPRI recommends use of InstallShield for the installation process. (Installation does not apply to web applications.)
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a white box on a neutral grey pedestal with a central aperture for the user to put their hand in
Surveys and measurements for construction layout. Pre-construction conferences. Tests and measurements during construction, including surveys, compaction tests, concrete tests, gathering load tickets and certifications. Obtaining photographs to document steel placement, mulch cover, pre-construction conditions, etc.
The construction of fabricated components of a metal building to produce a finalized structure – done on location.
The activities associated with constructing a swimming pool or adding some piece of pool equipment or pool accessory.
Fixing Formica laminate, composite panel or solid surfacing material into position following manufacture and any necessary fabrication.
a nitrogen generator using the cryogenic distillation of air
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The operation consisting of installing the robot on its site, connecting it to its supply and drive powers. (ISO 8373)
Connection of a water softener to the mains supply, and the installation also of bypass and check valves.
typically, a drilling rig or an oil/gas production platform/vessel, as defined in the Mineral Workings (Offshore Installations) Act 1971 and the Offshore Installations (Safety Case) Regulations 1992
Service Initiation - Circuit, DAL or Port Connection
The procedure of installing the appropriate reconfiguration software (protocols) in a device, in order to implement the reconfiguration process.
Software, usually supplied on CD (but also available through other means) needs to be installed before it can be used. This is normally a simple automated process.
The term used for mounting the rods and hanging the draperies. It is very important, to take this into consideration when measuring or designing.
The creation of a Run Command on Workstation job. A Run Command on Workstation job enables an administrator to run a package command line on target clients. The command line can start an executable file, batch file, or Microsoft Test script to install the package or simply to run a command.
Before a computer can use a program or a device, it must be installed. Through this process, all the necessary files are copied from a disc to the hard drive and the default setting for the program are saved. In many cases a serial number, usually included in the software documentation, is required to run the software.
This is when the files required for a program to be run are put in the correct locations.
Refers to how the car seat is placed and secured in your vehicle. If uncertain of how to install, discuss with a customer service specialist and always read directions.
product can have multiple installations. A installation describes the event of deploying a product at a customer or user. A installation can have bugs.
a grouping of facilities, located in the same vicinity, which support the same Air Force operations
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The process of removing the old windows and fitting in the new ones. To read more on Window Installation.
fixture or fitting.
The process by which an entity is fitted into larger entity
a collection of systems that act together to provide a specified function, and it may be very large indeed
a digitally illuminated Book of Hours , twenty-four pages in length
The process of bonding tiles to the intended surface; the finished tiled surface (also known as tile laying or tile fixing).
The term used to include all the activities from the time a prospect decides to purchase a group insurance policy to the time the master contract and its individual certificates are issued. | Back
Learn about selecting the best location of your balance for optimal performance.
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To set an item in place for service.
Installation refers to the process of placing and setting a window treatment.