Definitions for "CHI"
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Breath of Life The primordial energy which is the basis for the universe and everything in it. It is the matrix out of which matter and energy are formed, and is expressed as the life force in all living things.
The Energy or life force possessed by the physical and Energetic bodies, that is coordinated by the chakras. The Energy which animates all universal forms at the subatomic level of existence.
Asian term for "Life Force".
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Spirit, soul. This is actually the Chinese pronunciation. If Taiitsu-kun used the Japanese pronunciation, it would be "Ki". Pronounced "Chee"
the seat of the soul, the power of a samurai
Pronounced "key" or "chee" (as in "I'll have another chi chi please"), chi impels New Agers to go to the park at dawn and air chop with all the old Chinese people.
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Consolidated Health Informatics
Council for Health care Improvement
Cultural Health Index
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( ko dago) - chin pad.
("ky" as in "sky") Curving X-shaped Greek letter which stood for Christ, whether used alone or as part of the Early Christian monogram for Christ.
the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet
Suffix denoting ‘beloved' or ‘child' when attached to a proper name (Sea Peoples dialect).
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Index channel. Referred also as CH0, CHR, CHZ.
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Chi is an Italian magazine based in Milan.
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Millet beer from north east India....
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'Earth' - the earth-aspect of the Godai 'Five Elements'
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Abbreviation for the Chicago Bulls
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(h) tea
Concentration Highway Interface
The Support Society for Children of Higher Intelligence
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The Team ID for the Chicago Bears.
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Closed Head Injury
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