Definitions for "Kun"
(suffix) courtesy title used after the surname or name of a person of the same age or younger than you.
Used in addressing male colleagues or students. (May be used for women, but this is not common.)
honorific for a peer or lesser (ie. Youji-kun)
The Relationship Trigram , Earth element with direction southwest and number 2.
One of the eight trigrams. Symbolizes strong earth. SW, head female, abdomen (and other influences), late summer, afternoon, and square or flat on the flying-star bagua. In BTB, this section of the bagua symbolizes partnerships and love.
Béla (1886-1939) Drafted into the Habsburg army at the outbreak of the First World War, he was captured and sent to a Russian POW camp in Siberia 1915. Released after the Bolshevik revolution, he became the leader of the Hungarian Communist Party and seized control of the new Hungarian republic in March 1919. Faced by invasion from Czechoslovakia and Romania, Kun resigned in August 1919 and fled to Austria and then to the Soviet Union, where he reportedly died in a Stalinist purge in November 1939.
Nijmegen University.
Kun is an Arabic word referring to the act of manifesting, existing or being. In the Qur'an, Allah commands the universe to be ("kun!"), and it is (fayakun).
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alt. Kunu
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alini The points/spots of power in the body. It is used predominantly by the tantric tradition .
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very friendly
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Generally used for young men in a rather casual manner. Could also be used to address in-group (ie. club members) regardless of gender.