Definitions for "Patrol"
To go the rounds along a chain of sentinels; to traverse a police district or beat.
To go the rounds of, as a sentry, guard, or policeman; as, to patrol a frontier; to patrol a beat.
A going of the rounds along the chain of sentinels and between the posts, by a guard, usually consisting of three or four men, to insure greater security from attacks on the outposts.
Any perambulation of a particular line or district to guard it; also, the men thus guarding; as, a customs patrol; a fire patrol.
This is a small truck used for mop-up and patrolling for hot spots in wildland fires. In the OCFA, the patrols are assigned with two personnel and the unit carries 200 ft of one inch, hose, 150 gal. of water and a 50 gpm pump.
To travel over a given route to prevent, detect, and suppress fires. Includes interaction with the public for wildland fire prevention and educational purposes. To go back and forth vigilantly over a length of control line during and/or after construction to prevent breakovers, suppress spot fires, and extinguish overlooked hot spots. A person or group of persons who carry out patrol actions.
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6-8 girls who use be best friends.
A group of four to eight girls, who choose their own leader, who plan their activities and work together. A Guide Unit will be divided into patrols.
a group of one to four NPCs that wander a set path in an instance
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verb, "pattugliare, far la ronda"
a civic electoral unit that organizes the bases of society for the defense of the values proclaimed in the CRBV
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Patrol was a board wargame released in the early 1970s as a companion to Sniper! in 1974 by Simulations Publications, Inc. It billed itself as "Man to Man Combat in the 20th Century" and simulated combat from the First World War to the (then) present day.
The practice of looking over a power line for trouble areas. This can be done on foot, in a vehicle or by helicopter.
A strategy of mate location used by male butterflies, consisting of constant flight.
a looped Move command, usually marked out with waypoints
the activity of going around or through an area at regular intervals for security purposes
a group that goes through a region at regular intervals for the purpose of security
maintain the security of by carrying out a control