Definitions for "FOS"
(fructo-Oligosaccharides) - a prebiotic, or sugar that encourages friendly bacteria to multiply, acting as a fertilizer in the intestines. These nutrients help nourish the "good bacteria" so they can make healthy by-products to nourish the intestine.
Full Operating Status. Ships are fully operational, with complete crews aboard. Ships are FOS after they have been fully activated.
Clinical studies have shown that supplementation with FOS can increase the number of friendly bacteria in the colon while simultaneously reducing the population of harmful bacteria.
Friends of Scouting. This is the major fundraiser for LPC. We ask families for donations once per year, usually at the January COH. There are two target goals established for the troop. If we meet the first, every camper at BDSR and Elkhorn gets a $20.00 discount. If we meet the second, the troop gets all rank patches and merit badges at no cost for the following year.
(see Friends of Scouting.)
Friends of Scouting. An annual opportunity for Scouters and interested people in the community to give financial support to their local council (Sam Houston Area Council.) Greatest source of funding for Scout programs. handbook The basic BSA book for all Boy Scouts. There is also books for each rank in Cub Scouts.
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Flight Operations Segment (ENVISAT) or Flight Operations Support (AATSR)
Flight Operation Segment, composed of the Flight Operations Control Centre located at ESOC, Darmstadt and the associated command and control stations. It provides control of the satellite through all mission phases.
see fructooligosaccharides.
Original theatrical release one sheet movie poster folded by the studios printer/distributor. This is an original, not a reprint. (Note: nearly all one sheets printed before 1985 measured a full 27x41 inches. Most recent one sheets are approximately 27x40 inches).
Fundamental Operating System. One of the two minimum requirements for complete system software. Contains the utilities required, in addition to the Factory SLT, for a fully functioning OS. This includes editors, linkers, and minimum networking utilities.
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Foster 550 Willamette Valley 1969-2005 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Water Management Division
Financial Outsourcing Services
Financial Ombudsman Service
Front Office System Booking, reservation and billing system used by frontdesk staff.
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Freedom of speech
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In need of an enema, seen on X ray.
Feature of Size. One cylindrical or spherical surface, or a set of two opposed elements or opposed parallel surfaces, associated with a size dimension.
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fibre optic sensor
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Factor of Safety