Definitions for "Cylindrical"
Having the form of a cylinder, or of a section of its convex surface; partaking of the properties of the cylinder.
Cylindrical projections are formed by wrapping a large, flat plane (e.g., a large sheet of paper) around the globe to form a cylinder. The points on the spherical grid are transferred to the cylinder which is then unfolded into a flat plane. The equator is the "normal aspect" or viewpoint for these projections. When projected from the center of the globe with the normal aspect, the typical grid appearance for cylindrical projections shows parallels and meridians forming straight perpendicular lines. The spacing varies depending on the type of cylindrical projection.
in the form of a cylinder or tube
related to or having the shape or properties of a cylinder
Having the form or shape of a cylinder.
(approximately) shaped like a cylinder
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Of the stipe, spores, etc.: Of the same diameter throughout the length. ( 17)
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A term used to describe bored locks, which have a cylindrical case into which a separate latch bolt case fits.