Definitions for "Transition"
Passage from one place or state to another; charge; as, the transition of the weather from hot to cold.
A direct or indirect passing from one key to another; a modulation.
A passing from one subject to another.
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noun The curved line of a ramp. On a half-pipe, the transitions begins where the flat bottom ends.
noun The curved portion of a ramp that connects horizontal and vertical skating surfaces.
The part of a ramp that goes from horizontal to vertical.
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 defines “transition” as a coordinated set of activities for a student with a disability that is designed with an outward-oriented process, which promotes movement from school to post-school activities and is based on the individual student's needs.
The crossing of the abyss between normal or extended consciousness and full consciousness.
a movement or change from one level of education to the other. There are six identified stages of transition. These include: early intervention services or home to preschool, preschool to kindergarten, kindergarten to primary grades, primary to intermediate grades, intermediate to middle school, middle school to high school, and high to post-secondary.
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The movement from one scene to the next. It can be as simple as a cut, or more dramatic such as a dissolve, fade out, fade in, etc.
Transition is the name for a special effect that can be added to a presentation. These visual effects can be viewed when moving from one slide to another. The most common types of transition are dissolve, fade and wipe.
a type of change used between one video source and another. Fades, wipes, dissolves, and keying effects are common examples of transitions available with most production switchers.
stage between moves; or moves within moves.
A term used to describe the phase linking the first and second stages of labor in which the cervix is dilating to between 7 and 10 centimeters.
In a movement in sonata form, the unstable stage in an exposition that undertakes the modulation from the tonic to the new key.
usually refers to the point at which a defensive back comes out of his backpedal and switches to a sprint to cover a receiver going deep. The more smoothly a DB can make this transition, the more likely he will maintain tight coverage.
a rhetorical device used in writing to move the story smoothly from one set of ideas to the next by finding a way to connect the ideas logically
The method of smoothly moving from one video clip or photo to another.[ Back to the Top
a word or phrase that connects sentences to sentences and paragraphs to paragraphs
a word, phrase, sentence or paragraph that shows the relationship between two or more parts of your writing
A word or group of words that aids coherence in writing by showing the connections between ideas. William Carlos Williams was influenced by the poetry of Walt Whitman. Moreover, Williams's emphasis on the present and the immediacy of the ordinary represented a rejection of the poetic stance and style of his contemporary T. S. Eliot. In addition, Williams's poetry ....
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When a team goes from offense to defense or defense to offense as the ball moves quickly upcourt.
Adjusting from one phase ofthe game to another, i.e. offense to defense.
The movement from offense to defense, or vice versa, when the ball changes hands.
Transition is an album of music by jazz saxophonist John Coltrane. The album was recorded on June 10 and June 16, 1965, although not released until after his death. Befittingly for its title, Transition was a bridge between classic quartet recordings like A Love Supreme and the more experimental works of Coltrane's last years.
Transition is a 2006 studio album by Fly to the Sky. This is the first studio album under PFull Entertainment, Fly to the Sky's second record label.
The period when one is intentionally changing from living as one sex or gender to a different conception of sex or gender; a multi-step, complicated process that may or may not include sexual reassignment surgery and/or hormonal supplements to alter one's body
The process of changing sex, including hormones, cross-living (see above), and finally surgery. A practical minimum for this process is about two years, but usually it takes longer, sometimes much longer.
The period of time between when the individual first starts the sex-reassignment procedure and when the individual is living totally as a member of the opposite sex.
The journal transition was founded in 1927 by poet Eugene Jolas and his wife Maria McDonald along with editors Elliot Paul, Robert Sage & Stuart Gilbert, Caresse Crosby & Harry Crosby did some editing as well.
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Refers to the transition of stopping logging in Otway native forests.
a new mutation that arose on the Native American haplogroup D mtDNA background
A transition is an effect that can be run between slides to signal a shift from one slide to the next.
An effect that controls how the next slide comes into view.
a special effect that occurs when going from one image to the next image in an animation
a unidirectional link between two workflow steps
The Transition is the ontological path or quest people take as they become more their realself. The stepping stones of this path are the ontological emotions and ideas men and women encounter and have to understand in order to take their next step toward their realself.
The process of converting from a centrally planned, non-market economy to a market economy.
A process led by governments and involving all economic sectors to plan and implement a strategy to modify production and consumption practices at individual, societal and global scales over a reasonable time period, in order to achieve a more environmentally and humanly sustainable economy.
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The loss of ability to express or recognize one's own conative nature; loss of sense of self. Kolbe results resemble that of a Facilitator, but are distinguished on the bar chart by an asterisk under the Action Mode(s) that is out of sync.
1. The movement between two consecutive obstacles on a course. 2. When a handler communicates to the dog that it needs to go from highway to city movement (or vice versa) or switch between handler and obstacle focus.
See bridge.
Organize connection between dance movements that maintains flow and continuity in the dance.
A transition is a relationship between two states within a state machine where an object in the first state will perform one or more actions and then enter the second state when a certain event occurs and guard conditions are satisfied.
a relationship between two state s within which an object in the first state will perform specified action s, and then enter the second state, when a particular event occurs and a given guard condition is satisfied
A relationship between two states indicating that an object in the first state will perform certain specified actions and enter the second state when a specified event occurs and specified conditions are satisfied. On such a change of state the transition is said to fire.
An AppleTalk event, such as an AppleTalk driver being opened or closed, that can affect an AppleTalk application.
an event that results in a transformation
a node in a Petri net and represents an event, operation, or activity
a risk factor for cerebral venous thrombosis
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a grayscale image
A state number indicating the next state. Each state has its own set of permissible transitions. Only the next state number is necessary for specifying a transition. You don't need to keep a list of permissible symbols, because if you have the next state number the accessor array gives you the symbol.
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a very difficult thing to go through for a church and I've been really seeking the Lord for a direction for us
an opportunity for spiritual rebirth if we see clearly and respond wisely
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Recorded information location at a pit-land juncture in CD and DVD. Normally a channel bit ONE.
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That section of a tank which joins two unequal cross sections.
A change in the cross-sectional area or shape of a duct or hood.
a period of waiting
(Transition) Specific period during which organic certification standards shall be fully applied to a given production unit. This period may vary, depending on the cultivation and crop types that are being certified.
An observed trend in a neighborhood that will affect valuation; a transition may be either positive or negative, and is an important aspect of judging investment value for a project.
The process that helps youth gradually return to community life after secure facility confinement. May be called "re-entry".
A representation of what is to take place as one segment ends and the next one begins. The simplest transition is a cut, which occurs in video when the first frame of the starting segment directly follows the last frame of the segment that is ending.
The junction of two drains with different waterway area and/or shape.
a directed relationship between a source state vertex and a target state vertex
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a left-hand exit
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a good time to reflect on where you are heading in your career
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a middle habitat between two types of habitat
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see Grade to Grade Transition; see Graduate Transition
the process by which a person of a given sex is transformed into a person of the "opposite" sex.
The process or switching from one's biological sex or one's target sex.
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The time it takes to shift from a mark to a space condition or from a space to a mark condition.
a binary directed connection between pairs of states
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a directed relation between a source state (any kind, e
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a passing-through space
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the act of passing from one state or place to the next
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See source code transition and system transition.
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See state transition.
a So, or a However