Definitions for "Cervical incompetence"
A condition where a woman's cervix, or opening between the uterus and vaginal tract, is not strong enough to remain closed during pregnancy. During a critical time period of growth, most often from about 16-22 weeks, the cervix may open and labor will begin prematurely. A cervical stitch can be used to help hold the cervix closed.
Weakness of the cervix of the uterus revealed during pregnancy, usually because of previous operations on it, but sometimes without prior injury, leading to miscarriage, typically in the second three months of the pregnancy. Diagnosed by examining the cervix during the pregnancy, repeatedly if necessary. Often causes no symptoms until the waters break (the pregnancy membranes from the gestational sac bulge through the opening cervix), when it's usually too late to treat. Treated before rupture of the membranes with a cervical ligature.
A condition in which the cervix begins to open before the pregnancy has come to term; a cause of miscarriage and preterm labor in the second and third trimesters