Definitions for "Pregnancy"
The condition of being pregnant; the state of being with young.
Figuratively: The quality of being heavy with important contents, issue, significance, etc.; unusual consequence or capacity; fertility.
encompasses the period of time from implantation until delivery. A woman shall be assumed to be pregnant if she exhibits any of the pertinent presumptive signs of pregnancy, such as missed menses, until the results of pregnancy test are negative or until delivery.
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an inherently risky situation," says James Walsh of California
an inherently risky situation," says the dad-to-be
Complications of Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Puerperium, Chap. 11 in International Classification of Diseases Version 9 manual (630-676)
is childbirth and conditions associated with Pregnancy, including complications.
Your pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions, including complications of pregnancy.
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Pregnancy is an important element within the family violence field for several reasons. Pregnancy is increasingly being identified as a risk factor in relation to intimate partner abuse. It is also becoming a focus for screening for family violence. Un-wanted pregnancy can also result from sexual abuse. Items linked to this NZFVC Topic Area aim to cover research looking at pregnancy and family violence and any relationship between the two.
A self-terminating condition of limited duration in which the prenatal child grows and develops within its mother's body to the point where it has acquired the necessary adaptations for survival in the next phase of the human life cycle.
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In humans, the state of carrying a developing offspring in the body of a woman.
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