Definitions for "Says"
a touching, wrenching tale of innocent love sprung from wanton degradation, convincing
a drawback of purchasing caskets from casket retailers, is only their opinion, and again, it is slanted with the idea of keeping the sale at the funeral home
a major partner in Colombia's largest cocaine syndicate
another fine cloth resembling serge. Twilled worsted.
Keywords:  unexpected, bonus
an unexpected "bonus
Keywords:  lie, everything, mean
a lie and I do mean everything
Keywords:  soviet, front, organization
a Soviet front organization
a mobile biological facility but this has not been accepted by all experts
an acceptable level of cancer in our population
Keywords:  weapons, nuclear, secret, drive, build
a secret drive to build nuclear weapons
Keywords:  snow, setting
an in, snow setting
Keywords:  grab, power
a power grab
Keywords:  heaviness, vehicle, top, measure
a measure of a vehicle's "top heaviness
Keywords:  reasonable, games, number
a reasonable number of games