Definitions for "Bonus"
Money paid in addition to a stated compensation.
something extra, usually a payment, as a reward for good work, or for undertaking a dangerous or unpleasant job.
Means a payment a physician or entity receives beyond any salary, fee-for-service payments, capitation or returned withhold. Bonuses and other compensation that are not based on referral or utilization levels (such as bonuses based solely on quality of care, patient satisfaction or physician participation on a committee) are not considered in the calculation of substantial financial risk.
An extra dividend to the shareholders of a joint stock company, out of accumulated profits.
Added to with profit policies. The amount is determined by life company's actuary and represents a distribution to with profit policyholders of investment return achieved by fund. Payment of bonus is not guaranteed. Reversionary bonuses, normally declared annually, cannot be removed once added. Terminal bonuses added on death or maturity.
Amount of money added to the sum insured of a "with-profits" policy. It may be added during the term of the policy (reversionary) or when the policy matures (terminal), or both.
The umbrella term for all the additional miles that may be earned for a variety of reasons. There are frequently "special offers" bonuses to promote flying to certain locations or on new routes. These special offers are usually limited time promotions. Other types of bonuses include the elite status bonus and the class of service bonus. Some of the bonuses are cumulative and some are not. Bonus miles in general do not count as Q-miles.
an attractive extra product or service added to the key infomercial product
One of the things you can run into without hurting your ship besides power ups. A Bonus usually does not give your ship additional powers, but gives you a sizeable sum of points. Some bonuses DO give you power ups. Also, collecting a certain number of bonuses can give you extra points at the level's end, or more energy, etc. Sometimes the line between bonus and power up is thin. If it only gives points, it's definitely a bonus.
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In scoring, the additional points awarded for making a contract, for making a doubled contract, or for making doubled or redoubled overtricks. There are different bonus amounts at the partscore, Game, small slam, and grand slam levels. Bonus amounts may depend on the vulnerability, and whether or not the contract is doubled or redoubled. Bonus amounts are different in rubber bridge and duplicate. See Bridge scoring for details. see also points for Honours.
In certain types of match play, a winner of a match is awarded extra points, said to be bonus points.
When you play at the Global-Player Casino, you may be awarded a bonus amount at various stages and for various reasons. It is a pleasant surprise for any player to be awarded a bonus, especially because most of the time s/he does not know how and where this may occur. If you are the lucky player, you will see a message window appear on your screen saying that you have deserved a bonus and your balance will be updated accordingly. Note that there are two kinds of bonus; the welcome-bonus and the regular bonus. Both bonuses can be used to play games but cannot be cashed out. The difference between these bonuses is that the welcome-bonus is used up slower, because only parts of each bet can be made from the welcome-bonus and you will forfeit all remaining welcome-bonus if you cash-out before the welcome-bonus has been used up. In the game display you see your total money amount available for playing, which is the total of real money plus bonus. In the Cashier window you will be able to see the real money balance and bonus separately.
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a poker room's special offers that usually give the player free money
Money given to a player for various reasons, such as being a new player, loyal or VIP player.
Also known as royalties, when you have a strong hand and receive a bonus payment.
It is an extra payment for having a strong hand such as a straight flush or royal flush.
A fixed sum established by house rules that is paid by each player to the holder of a very high-value hand such as a straight flush (Premium, Royalty, Penalties).
a final section of uncensored interviews with a dozen beautiful women who reveal their likes and dislikes about men
a personal interview with the Dalai Lama in which he speaks candidly about his reaction to the recent films about his life
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an incentive if you haven't figured it out yet
A word which uses all seven tiles on a player's rack in one go gaining a 50-point bonus. BONUS WORD, BINGO or SEVEN are also used.
a credit or incentive offered by a site to get you to play Bingo, or to play more Bingo.
Issue of FREE securities to the shareholders of the Company by capitalising the reserves of the company. Security being issued can be an instrument other than Equity Share.
Free entitlement to shares for every share held in a company on the record date. It is a non-monetary form of payout to shareholders by capitalisation of reserves.
A free allotment of shares made in proportion to existing shares out of accumulated reserves. A bonus share does not constitute additional wealth to shareholders. It merely signifies recapitalization of reserves into equity capital. However, the expectation of bonus shares has a bullish impact on market sentiment and causes share prices to go up.
a limited edition concert DVD shot in Lisbon, Portugal this past February
an outstanding online edition of the Bayeux Tapestry
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The capability to draw or play additional cards gained when playing in your bonus Time Zone.
Additional payment of interest if defined conditions are met, typically if an investment is held for a certain term or if withdrawals are kept under a certain limit.
an additional benefit in addition to the cost of your product
a download of actress Lois Nettleton reading one of pieces of fiction (in the Multimedia section
a certain amount of money that the online casino credits your account with
Large pay-off for a specific rare hand, as in paying 5-1 for 6-7-8 suited, provided by some casinos, temporarily as promotions, or permanently as part of house rules. Payoffs for bonuses are very high - but mostly do not affect significantly, if at all, the house advantage.
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a Thank You for the effort
a way of thanking your customers and letting them know that you value them
What you get at M&M Sports when you open an account, make an upgrade to it or refer a friend
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a cut by the late Nasri Chamseddine,
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a desperate drop in the bucket at best for these NGOs
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a buttery tomato sauce
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a license to sell activities and luaus on Maui
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a form of ethical bribe
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a large under-floor storage area which wraps in and around the spare tire
a separate studio/workshop, storage and side driveway
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a short essay by each author on the topic of censorship
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Bonuses are not always given in cash-designers may give clothes as bonuses if they can't pay the models' full day rates for a runway show. And no matter what form the bonus takes, the agency takes 20% of the value of the bonus. Bonuses can be given when a shoot is long, or when a client loves the pics and wants to use them more often than the original intention/contract.
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a recipe from Emeril on the back of the package label
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a beautiful Island of Sodor map in the inside covers
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A positive modifier to a die roll.
A positive modifier to a dice roll.
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a link page to where he found out all this information plus romantic shots of his Mrs
A term used in the Downtown Business Districts to allow an increase in density of development in return for providing public amenities.
a page-long prayer by the author that begins each of the ten chapters to help the reader focus on the spiritual content
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a listing of some of the earliest reels produced along with a picture of an early file box for
a very creative way to "recycle" interest gained from PR funds back into conservation
A premium given for a loan, or for a charter or other privilege granted to a company; as the bank paid a bonus for its charter.
The amount paid for Crown mineral rights. The Crown receives a bonus regardless of whether the rights are sold directly or through a public offering.
A fee or commission paid to a mortgage broker for finding a mortgage loan for a prospective borrower.
a celebration of exceptional individual achievements above and beyond what might be normally expected
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a sofa that makes a double bed and TV with video
A part of the student's debt that is cleared when a student pays their outstanding debt in full or makes a voluntary repayment of $500 or more to the Tax Office.
an excellent RV service department on-site
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a clear account of the development of the first successful film systems
Funds the administrator adds for some reason to the member account differing from any planned earnings.
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a strategy for list building because it makes the purchaser feel special
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an exceptional asset
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a treatment record