Definitions for "Strategy"
The science of military command, or the science of projecting campaigns and directing great military movements; generalship.
A considered forward-looking plan for the implementation of a policy and the achievement of a goal. One of SMC's strategic objectives is to develop a national strategy for a sustainable museums network in Scotland and make sure it is implemented. (Though it would be rare for SMC to implement any national policy alone, as we believe in working in partnership with others and particularly in helping the sector to help itself.)
the means of achieving a goal.
a s et of hypotheses about c ause and effect
a set of hypotheses about cause and effect
(1) Hypotheses or educated guesses that propose the direction an organization should go to fulfil its vision and maximize the possibility of its future success. (2) Unique and sustainable ways by which organizations create value. (from Kaplan & Norton). Answers the question, "Are we doing the right things?"
A sequencing of thinking-behaving to obtain an outcome or create an experience, the structure of subjectivity ordered in a linear model.
A sequence of mental and behavioral representations which leads to a specific outcome; e.g. decision, learning, motivation, specific skills.
The general or specific approach to investing that an individual, institution, or fund manager employs.
The means employed to reach the objective – e.g., advocacy, education, care etc.
The means to accomplish a specific benchmark objective. It is the cluster of mutually supported, integrated programs and activities, both formal and informal, which are tailored to meet the needs of the target population and are coordinated among multiple organizations and community networks for positive results. It is directed toward decreasing risk factors, and increasing and strengthening protective factors.
a direction on how to traverse the Object Graph
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The use of stratagem or artifice.
an algorithm that solves Su Doku problems
a well-conceived means to solve a problem
A method used to problem solve for decoding of words, or for comprehension of text.
A verbal picture of the future in a specific part of a particular Foundation. Twenty to thirty Strategies in each Foundation will provide a more detailed definition of each Foundation Vision. There are approximately five Priority Strategies for each Foundation. An example of a Strategy is "Increase the graduation rate."
According to de Certeau: "the calculus of force-relationships when a subject of will and power can be isolated from an environment," and assuming "a place that can be circumscribed as proper and serve as the basis for generating relations with an exterior distinct." For de Certeau, political, economic, and scientific rationality has been constructed on the strategic model, a calculus of force-relationships which assumes a place of its own, its "proper" place with a distinct exterior. (its competitors, adversaries, "objects" of research, etc.) This "proper" place is a triumph over time, a mastery of time through the foundation of an autonomous place. It is also a mastery of places through sight, making possible a panoptic practice.
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an economic war against America
Is an immutable Big Picture look at a problem that focuses upon the entire forest and not individual trees. Military concepts such as objective, offensive, simplicity, unity of command, mass, economy of force, maneuver, surprise, and security represent the timeless principles of strategy. Why do you think Sun Tzu's The Art of War has been a best seller for thousands of years and translated into every imaginable language? Because it teaches strategy and the lessons of strategy are timeless. They are bound to our very nature as humans.
a predetermined behavioural policy, e
the specific elements and precise order of the steps that make up a thought process or behaviour. Can include any and all of the following in limitless combinations: all representational systems, internal and external information, internal state, internal process, external behaviour, and utilises the phases Trigger, Operate, Test and Exit (known as the TOTE). A strategy is what let's you know when to start, what to do first, what to do next, and how you know when you are finished. Individuals have many different strategies for different contexts. Some strategies are very effective and useful, others are less so, but it is possible to change a strategy if a more efficient or effective one is desired.
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a function that takes the current game state, and generates a "score" function
a set of instructions that a player could give to a friend or program on a computer so that the friend or computer could play the game on her behalf
In game theory, a policy for playing a game.
a mathematical algorithm designed to work in the auto execution platform in such a way that it creates an auto buy and execute order and sell and execute order with a risk control stock loss and execute order based on the certain mathematical criteria
a smarter way of doing health insurance
a way of organizing resources
a little program that makes a selection from the available rules and defines the order and position in the tree for applying the rules
a rule giving each quorum an access probability
a set of rules that determines which of the options (cooperate, defect, or leave) a player will adopt under a specified set of circumstances
The science of streamlining tasks by moving your eyes in certain patterns. Bad strategies can be elicited by staring into the victim's eyes and repeating over and over "How do you decide it's time to fold the laundry?" until they give up in exhaustion and come right out and admit their deficiencies.
Describes the differentiating activities an organization pursues to gain competitive advantage. Situated at the center of the Balanced Scorecard system, all performance measures should align with the organization's strategy. Strategy remains one of the most widely discussed and debated topics in the world of modern organizations.
The use of manoeuvre and movement to obtain an advantage over an opposing army.
an overview to provide a general direction
In PAC Control, a set of instructions or commands that directs an automation process. A strategy is a control program or application developed in PAC Control, then downloaded to an Opto 22 controller. Once downloaded and debugged, the strategy runs independently on the controller.
a decision to implement a certain general manner of playing, like going up through the middle of the board, focusing on the corners, drawing the opponent in with sacrificial offerings and so forth
a particular example of implementing that Principle
Within the Business Consulting capability group, Strategy develops and implements strategies that unlock new sources of value for our clients.
a recognition that the best talents and ambitions also need to find the right avenue
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a way of describing how you are going to get things done
a main focus, which might be on a specific target market, product opportunity, positioning statement, or some other important or fundamental element
Any one of four strategies, Stop Loss, Break Even, Trailing Profit or Target Price used to calculate the ExitPoint of a security.
an abstract concept, a heuristic device that (unlike thoughts) may be taken to link observable stimuli and responses
a collection of filter settings, such as the one above
a collection of filter values
a collection of such lollipops
a predetermined programme of play' that tells
Any playing strategy that minimizes the house edge as much as possible without card counting, shuffle tracking, or dealer tells.
a coherent series of choices that leads to victory
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a digital Inside, day then granted customers, with and perfect lives Maze are times of notice
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a framework of high level ideas and decisions
a good idea long term but it does not allow the child to tap into the funds for the things they are likely to need first, a house, education for their children
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a vector, which details the acts, with which the DA will react in response to all the (possible) acts by the other DAs
In proposal writing, "Strategy" is usually the same as "Methodology."
a deliberate activity that guides a student to independently read for meaning
an activity used to help students increase reading abilities
Behavior or behaviors that increase individual fitness, and therefore are favored by natural selection.
a behavior (or series of behaviors) that is consciously chosen
a pre-programmed behavioral policy
an ongoing series of activities that may include one or more projects
An activity that defines the purpose of a web site. It is the activity that, ideally, drives all other aspects of a web project.
a method of programming that applies to specific group of PIC devices
A pattern or method for playing the hands.
(... procedure, method) Another word for method; i.e. a description of what you have to do.
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a re-usable project designed with AD/HD in mind
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a to assemble your resources
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a declaration of intent, defining where you want to be in the long term
Long-range policy designed for a particular purpose.
a specification which determines for each move the opponent does what the player should do
A high-level document defining the test levels to be performed and the testing within those levels for a programme (one or more projects).
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a correct one
a collection of statements that express or