Definitions for "Management plan"
A written plan for the organized handling and operation of a forest property. It usually includes data and prescribes measures designed to provide optimum use of forest resources according to the landowner's objectives.
a management plan or management and working plan approved under a tree farm licence, woodlot licence, pulpwood agreement or forest licence. Contains inventory and other resource data.
A design for the future management of a forest area that takes into account such considerations as: landowner's purposes for the land; markets, labor and general economic conditions; the kind of forest; accessibility, forest protection; silviculture; inventory information; regulations; and provisions for continuity.
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a document which sets out the management approach and goals, together with a framework for decision making, to apply in a specific protected area over a given period of time
a key component of a strategy to protect intellectual property rights
a way to bring together all of your long-term goals and objectives
Guidelines for child's care at home
Document that describes the overall guideline s within which a project is organized, administered and managed to assure the time ly accomplishment of project objectives. [D00979] PMK87
a document that sets out the heritage significance of a place and details the appropriate policies to manage it so that its values are retained for future use and appreciation
an essential part of the effective regulation of the Park
an important public document that outlines the overall direction for a national park
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A document developed by a state department consisting of program descriptions, financial needs, program alternatives, and performance data; used to develop the Governor's budget proposal.
a method statement of how the development should be constructed to minimise the negative impacts on the environment
a good example of this type of correspondence