Definitions for "guideline"
A written statement or outline of a policy, practice or conduct. Guidelines may propose options to enable a user to satisfy provisions of a code, standard, regulation or recommendation.
A recommended practice issued by an agency, without the force of law.
Similar to Procedures, they may also contain instructions to carry out a policy statement but may not necessarily provide a linear progression of steps or actions to be taken.
convention that provides guidance on how to perform one or more related work units. Contrast with procedure.
a usability or accessibility principle. Accessibility guidelines refer to all the paragraphs specified in Section 508 (labeled as 508(a), 508(b), etc.) and a few W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Usability guidelines are general usability factors like navigability, searchability, flexibility, etc.
a rule or principle that provides guidance to appropriate behavior
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For the purpose of this document and unless specified otherwise, the term guideline refers to the most recent version of the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. These guidelines set out the basic parameters that every water system should strive to achieve in order to provide the cleanest, safest and most reliable drinking water possible. They are established by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water (see Section 2.1 of this document for more details).
A guideline is a document which helps specify practical information on techniques to help you perform certain tasks.
a patent care strategy reflecting a moderate degree of clinical certainty
a set of requirements and best practices for the production of taxonomies that are used in financial reporting
(n) A type of construction line used to guide the lettering on the drawing. The term can also refer to lines used for the placement of other elements in a drawing or sketch.
a light line that is used in lettering to help align the letters
a special kind of group for easier alignment of net elements
a spiritual appeasement that leads to a search for ingenious and harmonious relations
a tool to assist employers in recognizing and controlling hazards
a tool to help employers recognize and control hazards
a detailed plan or explanation to guide you in setting standards or determining a course of action; "the president said he had a road map for normalizing relations with Vietnam"
a desired action necessary to reach a goal, guiding planning and design efforts
In the family law context, "guideline" almost always refers to "guideline child support" which is the amount of money the court will order one parent to pay the other for the support of the children. "Guideline child support" is determined by using an algebraic formula that is set out in the California Family Law Statutes (Family Code, Section 4055).
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a protection against the arbitrary
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a weak control
a formal rule describing how a situation must be handled; -- used as a direction to administrators from superiors.
A single vertical or horizontal line that you can use to help position objects on the page.
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Specific requirement or enabler that identifies what needs to be done in order to meet a standard.
a process specification for prevention or treatment of a given disease or condition