Definitions for "Evaluation"
Valuation; appraisement.
Process of determining if a child has a disability and the nature and extent of the special education and related services that the child may need. Evaluation procedures are used selectively with an individual child and does not include basic tests administered to, or procedures used with, all children in a school, grade or class.
The process used to describe the process of measuring the value or worth of a program or service.
A limited programme of non-intrusive and/or intrusive fieldwork designed to ascertain the presence or absence, nature and character of the archaeological component of a specific site or area.
act of ascertaining or fixing the value or worth of
A limited programme of non-intrusive and/or intrusive fieldwork, which determines the presence or absence of archaeological features, structures, deposits, artefacts or ecofacts within a specified area. This may take the form of an intrusive investigation of a percentage of the site, geophysical or topographical survey. The results of this investigation will establish the requirements for any further work. (see also Field Survey)
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A thorough appraisal or determination of the value of information, resources, or option [D02721] RMW The process of determining satisfaction of requirements. Evaluations may include method s such as analyses, inspection review s, and test s. For acquisition, evaluations are conducted throughout the contract period of performance. [D05179] SA-CMM
1. judgment of performance as process or product of change. 2. the process of testing, appraising, and judging achievement, growth, product, process, or changes in these, frequently through the use of formal and informal tests and techniques. 3. a synthesis of appraisals as by test scores, interviews, etc., in a case study.
a judgment about whether a behavior, product, program (or whatever) is or is not producing the desired results
According to the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST), when used for most educational settings, evaluation means to measure, compare, and judge the quality of student work, schools, or a specific educational program.
The process of finding and judging useful passages from source material.
grading or judging
In education, the formal appraisal of a school employee's performance, generally mandated by law but done only when evaluators feel like it
A valuation method that does not meet all the requirements of an appraisal but supports the estimate of value and includes sufficient information to fully understand the evaluator's analysis.
The act or process of estimating the market value of real estate when a transaction secured by real estate falls within one or more of the exemptions set forth to the requirements for obtaining a full appraisal. If a transaction falls under one of three exemptions, an evaluation is required. If the transaction is exempted under one or more exemptions not including one of the three that require an evaluation, an evaluation may still conducted if the lender considers it prudent. An evaluation may be conducted by independent bank personnel or by an appraiser. When an appraiser conducts such an estimate of value, it is called a limited appraisal and must meet requirements for limited appraisals. See limited appraisals and USPAP.
A tool within Centra used to measure the level of learning, obtain feedback on effectiveness, or to solicit participant input, created with Agenda Builder. Can be True/False, Multiple Choice, Short Answer, or Long Answer.
an excellent communication tool and a valuable learning experience
a summary of the effectiveness of teaching efforts and learning that occurred
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vicara Such - tadi
The process of gathering descriptive technical data—including geological, geophysical, engineering and production information—about the oil sands zone or zones included in oil sands agreements. Evaluation data provides valuable information about the nature and characteristics of the oil sands resource.
The process of producing an "output" from a given "input", by applying the "rule" of the given function.
Process of quantification or qualitative grading of agronomic traits of interest in cultivars.
a measure of the potential of a state of the world to deliver future reward or punishment
an internal neural activation of the agent's brain that quantifies the potential of that state to deliver reward in the future
First phase of ValueSAP, during which a strategy is drawn up for implementing your SAP software. SAP Solution Maps provide a framework for selecting a range of components and services that are tailored to meet your enterprise's specific needs. You can measure the Return on Investment using the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks for each process of the relevant SAP Solution Map. Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership also constitutes part of this phase.
the service offered by rehabilitation professionals, such as occupational or physical therapists, who work with their client to assemble equipment specifications and then justify the need for those specifications to third-party payers.
The reviewing and inspecting of the various intermediate products and/or processes in the system development cycle. Within the scope of this book only the evaluation of the intermediate products is described.
is a face-to-face interview of the patient and a review of all reasonably available health care records and collateral information. Evaluation includes a diagnostic formulation and, at minimum, an initial treatment plan. 33
By journalists By professionals in the same field as subject of article (" Peer-reviewed" ); indicates reliability and credibility of article
a good management tool and most donors recommend that each organization explain how it plans to evaluate its program or project through time
a relatively structured, analytical effort undertaken to answer specific program management questions regarding USAID-funded assistance programs or activities
A periodic look at an educational program to see how successfully it is achieving its goals.
The evaluation of bibliographic records sent for batch processing involves an extensive analysis of the data. This evaluation is necessary because a custom computer set up is created to process the records. Batch Services staff identify problems with the records as well as problems with the file structure. All of this analysis is done to obtain the highest and most accurate hit rate for a project.
an important aspect of a project and is expected to form part of the dissertation
a project in its own right, which requires specific knowledge and skills
means the selection of fragrances, for a specific purpose, from a number of available alternatives. In recent years a whole new profession has emerged in the perfume industry consisting of experts who specialize in this work. They are known as evaluators. Evaluation is work which requires not only talent, knowledge and training, but also a feeling for what the market wants at any particular time. The evaluators (women, in many instances) are an important link between the creators and the users of perfumes.
procedures used to determine whether a student is disabled and the nature of the special education and related services the student needs
Evergreen's grading system consists of narrative evaluations of students' academic work. At the end of each quarter, faculty members write evaluations of each student's work and progress, and each student writes a self-evaluation. These become official documents and make up the permanent transcript. Students also write evaluations of faculty members, which become part of the faculty member's official portfolio.
a collection of questions students answer on their own
an easy to install subset of NEBULA Performance Monitor functionality
One of the 5 main tasks of the Secretariats with Marketing, Assistance, Contract Preparation and Monitoring (see those key words). The task consists in Administrative and Technical evaluations of the submitted Proposals. Results of Evaluation are submitted to Evaluation Committee for approval.
a cost-effective way to identify potential problems involved in implementing voice recognition
The final step in the classic A-D-D-I-E model of Instructional System Design. The evaluation phase involves formative evaluations, evaluations of the product during development, and a summative evaluation, the final evaluation of the effectiveness of the training in solving the instructional problem.
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See TISH evaluation. Return to
(1) Critiquing and rating the overall success of a meeting. (2) Developing a meeting profile from accurate meeting statistics.
The study of the success of a public relations activity.
This is a another term for early neutral evaluation. It is a process that uses independent experts to investigate and evaluate claims and advise on settlement in the form of a non-legally binding opinion.
an impartial, technical opinion on the suitability of a product for its intended use
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a run of the LIFTOnline system on a website
a summary of college work completed and of requirements to be completed for the associate degree or the certificate of achievement
a summary of college work completed and of requirements yet to be completed for completion of your degree
the process of deciding whether an information source is appropriate to your needs
Deciding, with reasons, the quality of software or hardware.
A study of the nature, quality, or unity of a parcel of real estate or interests in, or aspects of, real property, in which a value estimate is not necessarily required.
Interpretation of a test score
Testing and comparing results.
The observation, testing, and diagnosis of persons believed to have a mental disorder by a mental health professional; and/or the written report of such findings.
an opportunity to interact with people that perhaps are not so related to your functions in a regular basis
a perfect opportunity to get everyone together to share thoughts and experiences
a skilled estimate of a property's market value, in accordance with recent sales of analogous properties, location, square footage and construction class
a REQUIREMENT before PROTOTYPE DESIGN services are accessible
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an instance of such a template
The way a developmental delay or established condition is identified.
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a demanding task with specific guidelines
A report about how well a job or task is being done.
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Examining what worked, what could have worked better, and how you felt about a public meeting, action, or event.
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an announced visit where you tell the manager what you are doing
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a one-time spot-check of the value of an expression
The work involved in gaining a knowledge of the size, shape, position and value of coal.
see "periodic oral evaluation", "limited oral evaluation", "comprehensive oral evaluation", or "detailed and extensive oral evaluation".
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a short speech, which should be structured like any other speech
An analysis of a property regarding its potential uses rather than its current value.