Definitions for "Performance Specification"
Clearly defined and measurable characteristics of a product, service, process, material or development. In the Technology NZ context, we require this data for a number of reasons including assessing: "How hard is this development proposal?" "How will they know if they have succeeded?" and "How will they know if/when to stop?"
a document that specifies the minimum quality requirements for how a product shall be manufactured, delivered and installed
a set of instructions that outlines the functional requirements for hardened concrete depending on the application
A document in which results are described precisely but methods to achieve them are left to the discretion of the contractor.
A construction specification in which the standard to be achieved is specified (e.g. compaction density) and the choice of construction method is left to the contractor.
Keywords:  ideal, tool, necessary, meet, indicates
Describes the ideal function of a system or tool. Indicates the functions necessary for the item to successfully meet objectives.
a figure provided by a manufacturer that attempts to express an element of the drive's performance relative to other drives on the market
States how a building element must perform as opposed to describing equipment, products or systems by name.