Definitions for "Tool"
An instrument such as a hammer, saw, plane, file, and the like, used in the manual arts, to facilitate mechanical operations; any instrument used by a craftsman or laborer at his work; an implement; as, the tools of a joiner, smith, shoe-maker, etc.; also, a cutter, chisel, or other part of an instrument or machine that dresses work.
Hence, any instrument of use or service.
A person used as an instrument by another person; -- a word of reproach; as, men of intrigue have their tools, by whose agency they accomplish their purposes.
Device for use in, or attachment to, production machinery that is for the assembling of materials or the working of materials by turning, milling, grinding, polishing, drilling, punching, boring, shaping, shearing, pressing or planing.
It is a device to use for either the production of machinary or the assembling of materials or the working of materials by turning, milling, grinding, polishing, drilling, punching, boring, shaping, shearing, pressing or planing.
Refers not only to cutting dies but also other mechanicals such as cylinders, sheeters, blades, punches, etc.
A term usually referring to the dies, mandrels, etc., used in the production of extruded or drawn profiles or tube.
A tangible instrumentality having a surface portion which is designed and intended to engage or react against work with sufficient force to effect an operation of the class type. A core, mandrel, anvil, or the like, which may be "passive" in the sense of supplying only reaction force is included in this definition. The tool may be either transitory or enduring. It may be destroyed in a single use.
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A machine for cutting or shaping materials; -- also called machine tool.
The "mold" from which the part is made.
In injection molding, the term sometimes used to describe the mold.
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an object that appears to have been created for a specific purpose.
Any object that is used.
A screwdriver or other object which may be used to operate a screw, latch or similar fixing means.
a male term referring to someone that acts in a less than desirable manner, yet thinks he is popular
The word "tool" may be used as an insult, describing someone who is being used by an establishment willingly (as a sycophant) or unwillingly (as one who blindly conforms). Tool was popularized as slang in the 1990s and 2000s.
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The Anti-Pile, a drinking hobbiest. People who are more concerned with themselves and how they look and being "In Da Club" than simply concentrating on the drink at hand. Typically Tools travel in large packs and are very loud. Generally they are attractive guys, and look every bit an MTV cutout. "Yo, what the fuck were you doing talking to that guy?" "He's cute..." "Cute? He's a fucking tool!"
a term used at West Point Military Academy to describe someone who follows rules and regulations to the letter, simply because they are rules
A mean to do something within the charter of a study
No, not something like a hoe or an ax. Someone who studies like there is no tomorrow -- often the night before a test or a paper.
a fairly large, heavy, shining block of metal that looks like something from Cyberdyne Systems
One of a generalized type of small useful modular programs, made to work together in a conceptually unified way so as to provide maximum flexibility, power, and ease of operation. Part of the Software Tools philosophy, instantiated most thoroughly in Unix.
See: application extension
a software application that automatically produces or modifies a work product. For example, a word processor, a CASE tool, a compiler, etc.
a dead thing, and there can be no relationship with that which is dead
a particular thing, but it is more than a particular thing, since it is a thing in which a connection, a sequential bond of nature is embodied
a person or thing to be used for what you need
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Usually an allen or hex wrench used to adjust the velocity of a paintball gun.
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See Pucelias. IGCB
A button in a program like Paint that changes the behavior of the pointer. For example, the text tool in Paint changes the pointer to draw a box for writing text in the picture.
a bitmap which can either be a button (there is no 'state', it just generates an event when clicked) or it can be a toggle
a shortcut button, usually shown on a bar near the top of a window, that provides quick access to a commonly used command
a person who is so immersed in popular culture that, to somebody outside it, he appears laughable and absurd
A device or process that is used to do some kind of work. A handheld calculator is a tool for doing mathematics accurately and quickly. The Tools of Aeronautics (CFD, Wind Tunnel Testing, Flight Simulation and Flight Test) are processes that use special devices to perform research in aeronautics.
a device designed to perform a set of very particular functions
a device, such as a saw, used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work
Purchasing tools increases the effectiveness of your spies or sentries. You can buy tools in the Armory.
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"Tool" is a 7" single by Baboon that was released in 1993 on Silver Girl Records. Side A is 33rpm while side B is 45rpm.
Tool is a self-released demo cassette EP by the band Tool. This demo tape is also known as 72826. It was recorded and released in 1991.
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a mini application in my.csu for example the my fourms or my subjects. The Toolbox provides a list of the available tools that can be placed on your desktop. Use the Toolbox to add tools to the desktop. There is a toolbox for each column on the desktop.
a core part of ArcGIS Explorer
Tools supply the underlying support for talking between Modules and the core software. There will be one tool for each of the services that the Instant Messenger offers. Each tool can support many modules.
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Trader Trend Truckload
a stand alone
To title and decorate a binding by impressing engraved tools into the surface of the covering material. The impression can be in gold (gold foil or leaf), in colour (coloured foil) or 'blind' (a dark or black impression caused either by heat and pressure alone or by using a tool dabbed in printer's ink).
A computer program provided within a GIS to allow the user to perform a specific set of operations on map and attribute data. Examples of spatial analysis tools include overlay, window, proximity and network analysis, and map algebra.
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To drive, as a coach.
To travel in a vehicle; to ride or drive.
drive; "The convertible tooled down the street"
a partial ordering that forces a sequences such that every closed unbounded set is tail-guessed on a closed unbounded set
a great way to explore a lot of alternatives before you start brainstorming specific solutions
a lot more than only a generator
an interactive, state-specific presentation that financial advisors can share with their clients
A pluggable software unit that runs a specific learning ToolActivity. Tools may or may not support Grouping
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a fast and reliable method for collecting and analyzing ACR phantom image quality data
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syn. Horn, q.v. Tool is more commonly applied in welding and joining and like operations whereas Horn is more commonly applied in processing.
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a hack following the orders of his party or those of an older hack, called an "elder
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furnish with tools
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a service that sits inside a Plone site
a lifetime investment-backed by our best-in-industry replacement guarantee
a once in a lifetime purchase
a module that traverse the diagrams trying to generate some kind of output that do not require verification of the specification
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A weapon.
an element used in a medium, like a pencil for writing, where the medium is language in its written form, and further contexts, which themselves become part of the medium, such as publishing, printing, etc
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See Mould.
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a human built artifact that extends the capabilities of the human body and/or mind
a moving entity whose use is initiated and actively guided by a human being, for whom it acts as an extension, toward a specific purpose
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ride in a car with no particular goal and just for the pleasure of it; "We tooled down the street"
a file that is not an application and has at least one execute bit set
an executable that performs some process
The term used generally to refer to a matched pair of tool cartridges.
a piece of software without any special UI requirements other than a console for outputting status information, and an output stream
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a means to aid an outcome
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obscene terms for penis
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a special kind of untiled window that the tiled windows will not cover
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Tool is an American
a simple program, usually designed for a specific purpose, it is sometimes referred to (at least throughout this document) as a command
In the field of international development, often used as a synonym for indicator.
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To shape, form, or finish with a tool.