Definitions for "Questionnaire"
Questionnaire currently is a PHP API for the creation of web based data entry. XML file forms with question and database descriptions are used to generate forms. Answers are stored stored in an Access or MySQL database.
A list of questions, usually on a printed form, to be answered by an individual. The forms often have blank spaces in which the answers can be written. Sets of such forms are distributed to groups and the answers used for various purposes, such as to obtain statistical information for social science, political, or marketing research, or to obtain information about a patient for the use of medical practitioners.
Research instrument that consists of statistically useful questions.
a means of eliciting the feelings, beliefs, experiences, perceptions, or attitudes of some sample of individuals
a method for the elicitation, and recording, and collecting of information
A questionnaire is similar to a structured interview; it contains a list of questions on a topic or issue. A questionnaire is usually administered to a group of individuals to find out about their attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and so on.
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same as Questionary.
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The French doing it to us again. Double up on the [n]s in this word and don"t forget the silent [e]. Maybe someday we will spell it the English way.
Questionnaires are submitted by applicant cities to the IOC. These documents are summaries of the bid book and are used by the IOC to select their short-list.
A comprehensive list of questions designed to examine all key processes to determine the tangible, intangible, financial impacts and exposures.
Individuals record their responses to questions or statements. Also known as the "paper and pencil" method.
a document that has a number of questions specified by the System Analyst and seeks responses from organisational staff, customers and or suppliers
You will have petty irritations in life if you dream of filling in lots of questions.
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See poll questionnaire.
The specified forms on which the Contractor shall furnish required information as to its ability to perform and finance the Work required under ORC 5525.01.
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a strange type of communication
a powerful evaluation tool and should not be taken lightly
a tool that can help us to orient and understand the tendencies that exist
List of questions delivered by one spouse to the other requiring further information and/or documentation about finances, in accordance with that person's duty of disclosure; also referred to as 'request under rule 2.63', the rule of court permitting such a questionnaire
a written series of questions completed by an employee that relate to the specific duties of the job, the tasks the employee does most, and the skills the employee will need to do the job
a necessary part of the job description, but never should it be the sole source