Definitions for "Skills"
Option in Memory Camp, and also refers to the techniques and abilities that will allow Einherjar to get stronger, or fill requirements for Freya. Each skill raises a status point, or becomes a new technique to be used in battle, such as First Aid. For most skills, there are 8 levels to surpass, that require CP, before they can be maxed out and be used to full potential. Techniques have to be equipped or junctioned, in the Set Up screen, which can be seen when you distribute CP, to be used.
specific knowledge or talents as developed by education and/or experience. Proficiency denotes level of skill.
Values determining what things a character knows how to do, and how well they can do them.
Defining, graphing, analyzing, and concluding OUTLINE OF CONTENT: I. State the problem II. Experiment III. Observe A. Using senses B. Using measurement IV. Record Data V. Analyze A. Compare data with others in class B. Relate data to unknown facts IV. Interpret A. Graph data B. Form conclusions
Communicating orally, listening, using machines, observing, drawing conclusions, investigating, predicting, constructing OUTLINE OF CONTENT: I. Machines and work II. Simple machines III. Compound machines
Generic Skills are transferable skills which can be used across occupational groups. These include key skills, communication, application of number, problem solving, team working, IT and improving own learning and performance. Generic skills also cover reasoning skills, work process, management skills, personal values and attitudes such as motivation, discipline, judgement, leadership and initiative. Transitional skills are those generic skills, such as environmental skills, that contribute to the transition to a more sustainable production process. Vocational Skills are the specific "technical" skills needed to work within an occupation oroccupational group - hence sector skills. These are essential for standard occupational tasks.
seen as ‘natural units' of behaviour, the hallmark of skilled performance is smooth progression towards a goal. Understanding how individuals acquire skills involves more emphasis on the ‘cognitive' aspects of learning. This focuses attention on the changes occurring in the ‘mental models' people construct of the environments they are interacting with. For example, the differences between the way skilled and unskilled individuals categorize the information they are having to process can provide important insights into how skill development can be facilitated.
General capacities to perform a set of tasks developed through the acquisition of experience and/or training which require more than just knowing about the subject.
a first critical step towards satisfying Safety Afloat guidelines for safe kayak excursions
Among your total repertoire of skills, identifying your most enjoyable and transferable skills is essential to a systematic examination of what the marketplace has to offer--that would make sense for you, given who you are.
These are skills you develop as a soul. We have found that many awareness skills in clients developed because of extreme or traumatic situations as means to cope, survive or remain secure.
feature of hierarchical resources that allows you to assign an attribute to a resource, and to define the resource requirement for an activity in terms of that attribute. [D01849] WST
An attribute that can be assigned to a resource.
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Group of one or more skills (Deprecated)
The skills section of a unit description lists the intellectual, professional, practical, and key skills students will gain or enhance by taking the unit.
Skills are the competencies or qualifications required to successfully complete a project.