Definitions for "Intellectual"
Belonging to, or performed by, the intellect; mental; as, intellectual powers, activities, etc.
Endowed with intellect; having the power of understanding; having capacity for the higher forms of knowledge or thought; characterized by intelligence or mental capacity; as, an intellectual person.
Relating to the understanding; treating of the mind; as, intellectual philosophy, sometimes called "mental" philosophy.
a synthesiser, a publicist, a communicator
a synthesizer, a publicist, a communicator
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a man or woman who takes more words than necessary to tell us more than he knows
a man who doesn't know how to park a bike
a man who says a simple thing in a difficult way
of or relating to the intellect; "his intellectual career"
a man who shamelessly uses his brain most of the time
Suitable for exercising the intellect; formed by, and existing for, the intellect alone; perceived by the intellect; as, intellectual employments.
Having superior reasoning powers. Able to acquire and retain knowledge.