Definitions for "enjoy"
To take pleasure or satisfaction in the possession or experience of; to feel or perceive with pleasure; to be delighted with; as, to enjoy the dainties of a feast; to enjoy conversation.
To have, possess, and use with satisfaction; to occupy or have the benefit of, as a good or profitable thing, or as something desirable; as, to enjoy a free constitution and religious liberty.
To take satisfaction; to live in happiness.
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"Enjoy" is the third international single released from Janet Jackson's 2006 album 20 Y.O. At present it has only been sent out as a promotional single to Japanese radio stations. The song is rumored to be released as a single in North America after "With U".
enjoy aims to be a shoot-em-up that uses the CrystalSpace engine. Under heavy development // Developers needed!
have benefit from; "enjoy privileges"
have for one's benefit; "The industry enjoyed a boom"
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To have sexual intercourse with.