Definitions for "industry"
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A basic category of business activity. The term industry is sometimes used to...
Habitual diligence in any employment or pursuit, either bodily or mental; steady attention to business; assiduity; -- opposed to sloth and idleness; as, industry pays debts, while idleness or despair will increase them.
Any department or branch of art, occupation, or business; especially, one which employs much labor and capital and is a distinct branch of trade; as, the sugar industry; the iron industry; the cotton industry.
Concerns primarily engaged in the same kind of economic activity are classified in the same industry regardless of their types of ownership.
a group of companies offering products or services that are close substitutes for each other. p. 80
A collection of employers grouped according to product, service or process.
Any branch of production—especially manufacturing
Productivity; the stage when children develop and use their skills to accomplish tasks in school and in life
Scheme The industry/sector of which this instrument is a member.
Industry was a pop music band formed in New York which spawned only one album, Stranger to Stranger (1984).
Industry is an album by Richard Thompson and Danny Thompson released in 1997.
persevering determination to perform a task; "his diligence won him quick promotions"; "frugality and industry are still regarded as virtues"
a snakeoil one Everyday somebody is coming out with new indicators new systems claiming to make fortunes
the feeling of social competence; according to Erikson, the primary developmental task of middle childhood is to attain industry.
The primary industry of the product/service you (or your client) are selling, promoting or producing.For example, the industry for an advertisement promoting a university would be 'Education'.The industry for the cover of a magazine would be 'Publishing - Periodicals'.This field is necessary for us to provide rights control on some of our rights-managed images.
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a computationally demanding tool that addresses a problem specific to electronic design
Short for the film and television industry. At a party: "So, do you work in the industry?"
Hard work; also, the resurrection of America's industrial and technical power.
a general term for working and making money.
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all the artifacts in a site that are made from the same material, such as the bone industry.
the organized action of making of goods and services for sale; "American industry is making increased use of computers to control production"
a collection of companies that operate in a related set of goods or services, which are eventually sold to purchasers
a good market for U
a boundary, so is the atmosphere, the copper cable lines, the ones and zeros that make up computer language
an organization that provides key support to people launching and growing their VA practices
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Inflation Rate Injury, Disabling
This is important because, not only do the rules and regulations differ by industry, but so does card association Interchange pricing.
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