Definitions for "Agribusiness"
huge farms that are run as corporations and the products and services that serve them. In agribusiness profit is more important than food productio. APEC Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation - promotes trade and economic cooperation between 21 countries that border the Pacific Ocean. Bretton Woods Conference held in 1944 that led to the creation of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). civil society refers to the average citizen as opposed to government. Civil society is represented by unions, churches, and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
All activities that are relevant to the production, transformation / value adding, distribution and retailing of food, fibre and associated products including he provision of services such as education, banking, finance, investment and technical advice to participants in th e chain. Some users exclude farms from the definition. See definition based on page from Agribusiness Association of Australia
Large-scale, organized production of food, farm machinery, and supplies as well as the storage, sale, and distribution of farm commodities, for profit.