Definitions for "RESOURCES"
The personnel, equipment, material s, and services needed to complete task s in a project. [D01697] MSP98
Personnel and equipment available, or potentially available, for assignment to incidents. Resources are described by kind and type, e.g., ground, water, air, etc., and may be used in tactical support or overhead capacities at an incident. SAFETY OFFICER: A member of the Command Staff responsible for monitoring and assessing safety hazards or unsafe situations, and for developing measures for ensuring personnel safety. The Safety Officer may have assistants.
The total means available to a company for increasing production or profit, including plant, labor, and raw material; assets.
Discovered and undiscovered deposits of minerals, coal, or oil and gas that are or may become available for use in the future; includes reserves, plus discovered deposits not now commercially or technologically extractable, plus undiscovered deposits that may be inferred to exist. (See also Reserves.)
that part of mineral deposit which has the potential to be exploited
things the computer can use to do your work, such as RAM, hard drive space, video capabilities, etc.
an available supply that can be drawn upon when needed; the collective wealth of a country or its means of producing wealth.
a supply of environmental benefits, like water, or sunlight.
the things that go into the making of goods and services; natural, human, and capital resources
Land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship used in the production of goods and services. A part of the natural environment that people value, such as soil, oil, iron or water.
Inputs or commodities used production to be transformed into outputs. Resources can be social, political, economic or physical.
The means available for use in conducting the planned activities, such as people, objects, and money.
The material, money and, most importantly, the time and talent of people available to a Junior Chamber chapter.
goods (in kind), consumables and services available to achieve an end;128 means available to achieve an end, fulfill a function, etc.129 (Money is used to purchase goods and services rather than being a resource.)
Student financial aid that must be taken into account to prevent over-awarding aid in the campus-based programs. Resources are called “estimated financial assistance” in determining a student's eligibility for federal student loans.
Resources include, but are not limited to, any: (a) funds the student is entitled to receive from a Federal Pell Grant; (b) waiver of tuition and fees; grants, including FSEOG and ROTC subsistence allowances; (d) scholarships, including athletic and ROTC scholarships; (e) need-based fellowships or assistantships; (f) insurance programs for the students education; (g) long term loans made by the institution, including Federal Perkins and Direct Loans; (h) earnings from need-based employment; (i) veterans benefits; and (j) any portion of other long term loans, including Stafford (GSL) Loans, FPLUS, Direct PLUS, state-sponsored, or private loans, not used as a substitute for the EFC.
The amount of student financial aid the student may expect from federal, state, school, or other sources. The school must consider this available assistance to determine eligibility for campus-based funds.
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Anything an SSI recipient owns, such as a bank account, stocks, business assets, real property or personal property that can be used for support and maintenance. Certain resources are not counted when SSI eligibility is determined. Generally, a single individual is restricted to $2,000 in resources; a married couple, $3,000.
assets or possessions which an individual owns. Examples of resources are cash, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, vehicles, or real estate.
Sometimes referred to as assets, resources are items of economic value that are not income. Resources include financial instruments such as savings accounts and certificates of deposit, personal property such as an automobile (above a specified value), and real estate (other than an individualâ€(tm)s home). Some Medicaid eligibility groups must meet a resource test; others (at state option) are not subject to a resource test. In establishing a resource test, a state Medicaid program must specify both the resource standard (e.g., the amount of countable resources an individual may retain) and the resource methodology (e.g., which resources are counted and how are they valued).
a comprehensive directory of orthopedics , orthopedic surgery and trauma
1.2]: The directory for static Assets. The directory was also overloaded for various plug-ins. [1.4]: Not used. See ContentItem and Module.
Resources considered for the soil exposure pathway are commercial agriculture, commercial silviculture, and commercial livestock production or grazing. Resources must be located on an area of observed contamination. See HRSGM Section 9.6 for additional guidance.
Liquid and non-liquid assets that clients can convert to meet their immediate needs.
An aspect of the physical environment that people value and use to meet a need for fuel, food, industrial product, or something else of value.
Anything obtained from the living and nonliving environment to meet human needs and wants. Fishery resources are those resources of value to fisheries.
a sacrifice that will be profitable in a hefty manner
The basic building blocks of an organization. Resources include items like the number of employees, physical structures, and budget dollars or items that are more conceptual like a network of volunteers or a system of intergovernmental communication.
Used in the context of "internet resources" this refers to anything that can be used and controlled by a computer, or its user. This includes files, physical (and logical) devices, applications, processes, peripherals, etc.
The term used to describe anything you draw upon and need for a particular task. For example, e-mailing a large file requires network resources, which include the size of the server, the speed of connection, scalability and so on.
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This sector covers two types of companies: Mining Oil & Gas
Accessible cash resources that include: individual/joint checking and savings accounts, retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, mining rights and cash value in a life insurance policy.
Resources are content: information the teacher wants to bring into the course. These can be prepared files uploaded to the course server; pages edited directly in Moodle; or external web pages made to appear part of this course.
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Forums (discussions, calendars, tasks, meetings, or messaging). Sometimes used to refer to summary pages and tools. The terms resources and forums are interchangeable.
The application provides performers with direct access to launch tools, initiate commands, access previously stored data and information, and/or obtain additional textual or graphic detail.
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Resource Consumption
a local firm that was organized to provide technical and management services to the consortium
(Something or someone that can be used for support or help.  This can range from services provided through Staff & Organizational Development to external programs, services and training outside the institution.)
A bibliography or list or research references
A dynamic measurement of the processing capacity of your particular computer at any given moment. If you request a function for which you have insufficient resources you will receive an OUT OF RESOURCES error from Windows.
Organizations, People or Computer systems carrying out the activities.
People and budget needed to perform the data warehouse tasks
The people, finances, physical and information resources required to perform the project activities.
an industry leader in minimizing its workers' exposure to radiation
Contain numerical data, tables, charts, or graphs.
library referencing system, database searches, indices, Internet search engine
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Retail Trade Small Business
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See Performance statistics.
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an additional factor
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All types of print, non-print and electronic media.
Economic objects that are consumed in the performance of activities.
Universal term for any file that is not accessible by the user, but required by the operating system or an application.
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See collections and resources