Definitions for "Div"
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Index Definition: Division Description: Used to divide pages into portions with different styles. Will align objects to the left, right or center. Used in conjunction with style sheets this is a powerful device for adding custom block-level structure.
CDATA eCromedos uses the L X package KOMA-Skript to control the page layout of printed documents. KOMA-Skript automatically determines the optimal size and position of the text body for a given papersize. To that end, it divides the page into div x div rectangles of equal size which serve as the basic units for dividing the page into margins and text body. The larger you choose div, the larger the resulting text area will be.
tag that simply means division. It has no inherent properties. It is used to delineate a section of a document for bookmarking and style definition purposes.
A div (earlier Persian dēv, Middle Persian dēw, Avestan daēva) is an evil spirit in Persian mythology that loves to cause harm and destruction. However, some divs may be benign, actually helping the protagonist. Usually, such a myth contains both benign and evil divs, the former helping the protagonist overcome the latter.
or Diva, or Divinity. A parliament of Lords in the lower heavens. The Divan laws were in use three thousand years. See Book of Divinity.
Division. An Infantry Division, at this time, was comprised of three Brigades. An Infantry Brigade was comprised of four Battalions.
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(abbr) : divorced.
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INTE ZEBRA division number (1 to 19).
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Yes v3 up IE3+ generic language/style container
C programming language that takes two integers as parameters and returns the result of a division between them. It is specified in ANSI-C, and is included from the stdlib.h header when used.
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A lesson: "I was late for div this morning".
abbreviation for divorced.
(abbreviation) divorced.
An abbreviation for Division. Divisions allow you to structure a page. Divisions are a type of asset so they may be reused on other pages and have permissions applied to them.
contains a subdivision of the front, body, or back of a text.
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Division Series
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The div Element
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Division (type of unit)
divide, division