Definitions for "TEMPLATES"
Templates define the lay-out of your Joomla Web site. You can assign different templates to various pages of your Web site. Templates can be created for the Frontend of your site called Site Template as well as the Backend called Administrator Templates.
A template is a pre-defined page that can be used as a prototype when creating pages. Templates are useful for giving pages a common style or format.
style sheets containing such information as font, style, spacing, formatting information and possibly text that might always be used such as headings and titles. Such templates may be useful in defining the layout of a commercial web page. (p. 90)
Document blueprint that can be set up with specific formatting and content.
A formatted master document with spaces to enter customised information.
These are individual sheets of metal that act as blueprints that coincide with NASCAR specifications for each car make.
Templates are cutting and folding patterns for making package art in the correct dimensions. The edge or "die line" of a template is the cutting edge. Dotted lines in a template mean a fold. We have put crop marks and indications of how far art should "bleed" over the cutting edge into our basic templates. For paper and cardboard pieces, art must bleed by 1/8" over each cutting edge. (Note: Do not put a bleed on art directly printing to the face of the CD or cassette.) If you are finishing the art for printing, the cut and fold lines need to be removed from inside the printed art areas. Just leave the lines embedded in the art, but make them invisible by making them "no width," or place them in a "template-only" layer. Our cutters will cut using the "registration marks" and "crop marks" on the corners of the art.
Similar to a stencil in that you trace around the edge of a hard plastic with a cut out. Templates can come in shapes and letters as well as paper craft items such as tags, envelopes and paper box cut outs. See Stencils.
A shape cut from cardboard or plastic used to make multiple units of a pattern for quilt blocks or applique. Templates may also be used to transfer quilting lines to a quilt top.
These are fill in the blank HTML templates, provided by GotMarketing, to help you assemble the content for your campaign. The Campaigner templates provide a variety of tools to allow customization of each section of your campaign email.
Content management system (CMS) templates are contained with the University's content management system, Teamsite. There are two main types of templates: data capture templates (DCTs) which are used to capture content entered into the system, and presentation templates which are reworked versions of the Monash web templates that control the presentation of content generated by the CMS. Customised templates are a set of templates that have been tailored for use on a specific part of the Monash website. Templates can be customised by your faculty or divisional web team. Generic templates are a set of templates that has not yet been customised for use on a particular website. A number of customisations needs to be made before templates are suitable for use on any site. Customisations should only be made by experienced web developers who are capable of understanding and giving effect to the instructions on template customisation.
Templates are used in both styles and filters to show EndNote how to output or import bibliographic data. The templates use field names to represent the actual bibliographic data as it should be arranged in a bibliographic entry (in the case of styles), or in a data file to be imported (in the case of filters). Typically, a different template is constructed for each reference type. Manuscript templates are used to create Microsoft Word documents that conform to electronic publishing guidelines. You can select a predefined template from either EndNote or Word, which triggers a manuscript template wizard.
Templates ensure that all of the information that is needed in the document is included, and that important omissions are noted by the person writing the document. For example, a template might require that a vision and scope document always have a section for future releases. For projects that are only expected to have a single release, this section will contain “N/A” or a placeholder. This will prevent the reader from wondering whether the author meant that there would be a single release, or whether it was an oversight.
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Some phones let you store your own message templates - so you can quickly access, create, and save messages you need to send regularly, for example "I'm at home. Please call" and "I will call you in 10 min."
Templates are readymade designs for your page which let you build a homepage without any knowledge of programming. Templates allow even a newbie to create professional looking webpages easily and fast.
These are patterns that can be provided to us made out of plywood or card board that have radius lines for us to manufacter curve nosings, Handrails and tread ends.
Pattern or guide for various repetitive shop functions.
A style guide which includes programming properties which can be varied.
Provides a list of and a means to import virtual machines and store them as templates for deploying at a later time to create new virtual machines.
In DiskSuite Tool, the template icons create new, empty metadevices. The new metadevices cannot be used until they are "populated" with their necessary parts. Templates can also be combined to build additional metadevices.
Facsimiles of agency forms created with common software (MS Word, Excel, WordPerfect, etc.) that enable the user to fill out agency forms with their computer.
A deprecated term for perspectives. You may still encounter this word in source code or some older documentation.
SIMUL8 templates are pre built simulations. They are normally configured through a simple interface, like a spreadsheet with buttons and other controls, so that the user doesn't need to know anything at all about simulation.
Pre-built websites that you are able to configure and change to match your needs.
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The Nokia 1101 phone has ready-made templates to enable you to quickly answer SMS messages.
Templates for programme and unit descriptions can be downloaded from the Quality Assurance Manual.
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a time and money saving solution for every designer
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See "file name templates."