Definitions for "Blueprint"
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A contact print of a drawing or other image rendered as white lines on a blue background. A blueprint is generally a print of an architectural plan or technical drawing and is often used for construction purposes or obtaining permits.
A type of print used for copying engineering drawings and similar material. The name is popularly applied to two separate methods, more exactly designated as the blueprint and the whiteprint, or diazotype. In blueprinting, the older method, the drawing to be copied, made on translucent tracing cloth or paper, is placed in contact with paper sensitized with a mixture of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide, which is then exposed to light. In the areas of the sensitized paper not obscured by the lines of the drawing, the light reduces the ferric salt to the ferrous state, in which it reacts with the potassium ferricyanide to form insoluble prussian blue. The exposed paper is then washed in water, producing a negative in which the lines of the drawing appear in white against a dark blue background.
Architectural plan used to build a home or other structure.
A plan of a building in such detail as to enable workmen to construct it from the print. The name comes from the photographic process which produces the plan in white on a blue background.
the construction plans which contain the details necessary to construct the home.
Blueprint is a 2003 German film directed by Rolf Schübel. It is based on the novel written by Charlotte Kerner. The film raises the ethical issue of human cloning.
Blueprint : Blaupause is a German novel written by Charlotte Kerner and first published in 1999. The story involves a woman who clones herself in order to pass on her musical genius, only to find her clone-daughter turning against her when she learns the truth.
Blueprint is a rapper and producer from Columbus, Ohio. He is the owner of Weightless Recordings and also signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment. He is also one half of the group Soul Position with producer RJD2.
a key enabler for accelerating the transformation of an organization into a Service Oriented and Agile Enterprise
a roadmap for business and IT alignment and fosters enterprises to embrace governance and reusable business services within their environment
like its counterpart for buildings, a blueprint for an online learning program shows its structure and how it will look, and identifies the standards to which the program must be developed.
The Blueprint is Georgia Tech's official student yearbook. Their staff meets Thursday nights at 07:00pm in Room 137 of the Student Services Building.
Life pattern imprinted in the psyche, which a person follows out on the material earth-plane.
something intended as a guide for making something else; "a blueprint for a house"; "a pattern for a skirt"
a pattern for a SmartDoc
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Blueprint, an album by Natalie Mac Master, was released in 2003 on the Rounder Records label.
a complete set of instructions for your computer to perform an assigned task
term suggested by Dr. Guy S. Bruce to refer to a set of objectives written and sequenced in relation to a set of topics and intended for a target audience, used to develop instructional frames, modules, or materials; the necessary end stage of instructional design before development of an instructional system commences.
Blueprint is a high-level visual specification language being created to represent specifications for requirements, high-level designs, and detailed designs. The fundamental rationale for its creation is to express specifications in the most natural way possible for human readers.
a picture of a service system and its processes, showing the steps of the processes and the interactions amongst the processes as well as the interaction of the customer with the processes
a step by step methodology which promotes a successful mapping of your IT services to your business processes, thereby enabling higher returns on IT investments
an exact electronic representation of an installation
As distinct from an assembly procedure blueprint is a symbolic representation of a final structure (phenotype), and contains no information about the building process.
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Nails driven into a wall and concealed with putty.
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A script defined within the old Business Integrator, which is part of the ATC.
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a narrative about users, goals, how they spend their days
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a great deal less trouble and just as accurate
Precise finishing of an engine's components, often by hand, to optimal size within factory specifications.
a recipe for a specific function and contains a list of required components
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Blueprint is a free, cross-platform, open format for the storage of many types of 3D structures and scenes.
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a good example of a vector format graphic
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a map or a schedule for the day
a specific definition that is used to create instances ( objects ) from
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a list of characteristics that each house will have
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See Networking Blueprint.
make a blueprint of