Definitions for "Assembly"
A company of persons collected together in one place, and usually for some common purpose, esp. for deliberation and legislation, for worship, or for social entertainment.
Two or more components bolted together.
a design composed of elements folded from several sheets of paper which hold together in an integrated manner without the use of glue.
A collection of one or more files that are versioned and deployed as a unit. An assembly is the primary building block of a .NET Framework application. All managed types and resources are contained within an assembly and are marked either as accessible only within the assembly or as accessible from code in other assemblies. Assemblies also play a key role in security. The code access security system uses information about the assembly to determine the set of permissions that code in the assembly is granted. See also: private assembly, shared assembly.
A binary file in PE format that contains metadata and (optionally) CIL. This is the fundamental execution unit for the CLI
a combination of metadata and a portable executable
a collection of files that appears as a single dll or exe file
a collection of files that appear to the programmer to be a single dynamic link library (DLL) or executable (EXE)
an EXE or DLL file linked in the new Framework format
The process of aligning overlapping sequence fragments into a contig. or series of contigs.
(See Shotgun Sequencing) Process where contig sequences are joined to yield large sections of completed sequence
Putting sequenced fragments of DNA into their correct order along the chromosome.
Zusammenbau von Elektronik, Montage
Electronic assembly, montage
In the chip making workd , the process of enclosing a device in a plastic or ceramic package.
The final stage of semiconductor manufacturing, where the active device is encased in a plastic, ceramic or metal package. Also referred to as "back-end" processing.
a package for final users
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ELCA term for the gathering of delegates for decision-making or legislative functions
The house of the California legislature consisting of 80 members, elected from districts apportioned on the basis of population.
A new Assembly commences after each general election. An Assembly ends upon its dissolution by the Lieutenant Governor, on the request of the Premier, or upon the expiry of the maximum time it is permitted to continue by law -- approximately five years. A general election follows.
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The Assembly demo party is a demoscene event in Finland. The main organizers of the event are Pekka Aakko (Pehu of Accession) and Jussi Laakkonen (Abyss of Future Crew). The event takes place every year between late July and early August, and lasts three to four days.
The actual processing of a template or template set operating to produce finished documents. In GhostFill the preferred term is to "Fill". In DealBuilder a template is processed and then presented to the user upon clicking "FINISH" at the end of the interview.
The process during which engineers and captioners merge captions from computer software with an "uncaptioned master" DVCAM videotape, creating a "captioned master" copy from which any number of dubs can later be made. It is abbreviated "ASSY," not to be confused with "ASSM," which means "to assemble."
The process of erecting an exhibit from its components. Also called Installation, Set Up.
The process of placing and soldering components to printed circuit boards (pcbs).
a convenient grouping of previously defined components and other assemblies
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Is one of the most simple computer languages. It is compiled by an assembler.
The process of translating an assembly language program into machine code so it can be executed by the PC. This is done by an assembler (in our case, the Netwide Assembler, NASM). The file generated by this process is called an object file, and has the extension .OBJ.
a file that is automatically generated by the compiler upon successful compilation of every
Taittaminen, taitto Montering The assembly of typographic elements, such as words and paragraphs, into pages ready for printing.
properly 'the General Assembly', supreme court of the Church of Scotland
Those present to celebrate the liturgy. Other terms: to use: “The Community,” “The Church (as people not building),” “The Worshippers,” “The Faithful,” or “the congregation.” Avoid: Spectators, Crowd, Audience—all passive words which do not reflect what those present at Mass do. NOTE: It is the entire assembly (ordained and nonordained) that celebrates the liturgy of the Mass, therefore avoid: The Pope’s Mass, The Bishop’s Mass, His Mass, etc.–all terms which would give the impression that it is only the Pope or clergy who celebrate Mass.
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An alternative to Chapel.
A collection of inanimate objects.
the name often used in schools for the collective act of worship, required by the 1988 Education 'Reform' Act to be 'mainly Christian'.
Collection and arrangement of the art or film negatives necessary for plate making.
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A beat of the drum or sound of the bugle as a signal to troops to assemble.
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Early loose rough cut.
Assembly is the process of cutting raw material into a rough film draft in order to manage continuity and get a sense of the big picture.
Gathering of people and officials that controlled public life in ancient Athens. There had to be at least 6,000 present to make an Assembly, which decided on important matters of law and state.
A level of organization used in the Relex System Tree.
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National Assembly of Wales
the act of constructing something (as a piece of machinery)
the social act of assembling; "they demanded the right of assembly"
A general term to describe the combination of a number of items used to make up a whole. Example: a cartridge mounting assembly for a filter would include the cartridges and all items needed to install the assembly in the filter housing. Final assembly would be used to name the action of assembling all items into an end product.
a privilege and with this privilege is the responsibility to act in an appropriate manner
a combination of several of the basic expense types-- for example, labor and materials
a grouping of one or more managed modules and resource files
a group of objects with a common node, to which you can apply custom attributes
a public facility to meet for open discussion
a construction of an ordered set of Transformer objects
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