Definitions for "EPITAPH"
An inscription on a tomb, showing that virtues acquired by death have a retroactive effect. Following is a touching example: Here lie the bones of Parson Platt, Wise, pious, humble and all that, Who showed us life as all should live it; Let that be said -- and God forgive it!
.) "In the sky my soul is found, And my body in the ground. By and by my body'll rise To my spirit in the skies, Soaring up to Heaven's gate. 1878." "Sacred to the memory of Jeremiah Tree. Cut down May 9th, 1862, aged 27 yrs. 4 mos. and 12 ds. Indigenous." "Affliction sore long time she boar, Phisicians was in vain, Till Deth released the dear deceased And left her a remain. Gone to join Ananias in the regions of bliss." "The clay that rests beneath this stone As Silas Wood was widely known. Now, lying here, I ask what good It was to let me be S. Wood. O Man, let not ambition trouble you, Is the advice of Silas W." "Richard Haymon, of Heaven. Fell to Earth Jan. 20, 1807, and had the dust brushed off him Oct. 3, 1874."
An inscription on, or at, a tomb, or a grave, in memory or commendation of the one buried there; a sepulchral inscription.
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a death sentence
Epitaph is a live 4CD set of concert performances and radio sessions by the band King Crimson, released in 1997.
Epitaph is the master work of jazz musician Charles Mingus. It is a composition which is more than 4000 measures long, requires two hours to perform and was only completely discovered during the cataloguing process after his death. With the help of a grant from the Ford Foundation, the score and instrumental parts were copied, and the piece itself was premiered by a 30-piece orchestra, conducted by Gunther Schuller.
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a static type of statement, though, and it is approximately here that Garcia Marquez's tale seems to bog down
a belated advertisement for a line of goods that has been discontinued
This signifies if you could read the epitaph(s) you can solve whatever problems are facing you much more easily.
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To write or speak after the manner of an epitaph.