Definitions for "Consort"
Harmony of sounds; concert, as of musical instruments.
To unite or join, as in affection, harmony, company, marriage, etc.; to associate.
A small group of musicians playing Renaissance or baroque instruments which all belong to the same family, such as recorders.
One who shares the lot of another; a companion; a partner; especially, a wife or husband.
any companion vessel sailing with a pirate ship or fleet.
a companion vessel to a pirate ship.
a Galathean Kinain by right of Adoption
a human being who summons a Galathean, and who manages to impress it, and convince it that he/she is something more than a source of food
The person for whom a fighter enters a tournament; not always a spouse or otherwise romantic relationship with the fighter. Generally, the term is used to describe the consort of the winner of a Crown Tournament.
One whose favor a fighter carries into a tournament. (In a Crown tournament, should the fighter win the tournament, the consort would be co-ruler with that fighter.)
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A ship keeping company with another.
To attend; to accompany.
a ship of any size or type that accompanied another vessel, generally in accordance with an agreement to share any loot seized from other vessels.
Concurrence; conjunction; combination; association; union.
An assembly or association of persons; a company; a group; a combination.
To unite or to keep company; to associate; -- used with with.
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keep company; "the heifers run with the bulls ot produce offspring"
CONSORT is the name of the combined integrated library system shared by the CONSORT Colleges. The system runs on the Millennium software product developed by Innovative Interfaces, Inc. CONSORT has been a member of Ohio LINK since 1996.
go together; "The colors don't harmonize"; "Their ideas concorded"
A set of guidelines for reporting the results of randomised controlled trials.