Definitions for "Marry"
To unite in wedlock or matrimony; to perform the ceremony of joining, as a man and a woman, for life; to constitute (a man and a woman) husband and wife according to the laws or customs of the place.
To join according to law, (a man) to a woman as his wife, or (a woman) to a man as her husband. See the Note to def. 4.
To dispose of in wedlock; to give away as wife.
To join ropes together by a worming over both.
perform a marriage ceremony; "The minister married us on Saturday"; "We were wed the following week"; "The couple got spliced on Hawaii"
to tie two lines together
Indeed! in truth! -- a term of asseveration said to have been derived from the practice of swearing by the Virgin Mary.
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Naval To marry the gunner's daughter. An old naval expression meaning to be laid over a gun to receive a thrashing.
Figuratively, to unite in the closest and most endearing relation.
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Where a dealer is able to match two customer deals which off set one another.
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take in marriage