Definitions for "Daughter"
The female offspring of the human species; a female child of any age; -- applied also to the lower animals.
A female descendant; a woman.
A term of address indicating parental interest.
a father's treasure, his pride and joy
a joy forever on top
a Precious Jewel Heart-Shaped Figurine
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a gift of love
Daughter is a rare The Smashing Pumpkins flexidisc single that was issued only to Reflex Magazine subscribers.
"Daughter" remains one of rock group Pearl Jam's preeminent songs. Released as the third of four singles from their 1993 studio album Vs., "Daughter" topped both the Mainstream and Modern Rock Billboard charts, thereby solidifying the group's success following the monumental Ten. "Daughter" eventually peaked at #28 in the Top 40 Mainstream, becoming the band's first Top 40 single.
a rainbow bubble, A star glimmering in the sky, A rosebud after a storm, A caterpillar turning into a butterfly
an embarrassing and ticklish possession
a mother's gender partner, her closest ally in the family confederacy, an extension of her
an element within the family, a living piece of furniture
a "liability" - authentication of this barbaric and primitive notion D
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a day brightener and a heart warmer
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a promise that God keeps
a smile from God
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A son's wife; a daughter-in-law.
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a dream come true
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a child at home, A woman only when she's wedded
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a buyer of a large department store on the West Coast
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a qualifying individual