Definitions for "Promise"
In general, a declaration, written or verbal, made by one person to another, which binds the person who makes it to do, or to forbear to do, a specified act; a declaration which gives to the person to whom it is made a right to expect or to claim the performance or forbearance of a specified act.
To make declaration of or give assurance of, as some benefit to be conferred; to pledge or engage to bestow; as, the proprietors promised large tracts of land; the city promised a reward.
To give assurance by a promise, or binding declaration.
All Guides throughout the world make a promise. Each county has a different promise to their God, county and the Guide Law. A girl is awarded a Promise Badge at her Promise Ceremony.
a Word sent forth from God for us to expect the performance of an act; a solemn pledge from God; a commitment.
make a promise or commitment
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a bit less balanced and refined than its follow-up Fabulous Muscles (I bought the latter one first), especially the second half of the album, but it's still pretty impressive
"Promise" is a R&B song written by American singer-songwriter Ciara Harris, Jasper Cameron, Jamal Jones, and Elvis Williams and produced by Polow Da Don. It is the first single from Ciara's second studio album, (2006). The song premiered on AOL Music on September 22, 2006.
Promise is the second album by the English group Sade. It was released in 1985 under the label Epic.
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That which causes hope, expectation, or assurance; especially, that which affords expectation of future distinction; as, a youth of great promise.
To afford reason to expect; to cause hope or assurance of; as, the clouds promise rain.
To afford hopes or expectation; to give ground to expect good; rarely, to give reason to expect evil.
a debt Aibu ya maiti, aijuaye mwosha The shame of the corpse is known to the mortician Ajali haina kinga (haikingiki) An accident cannot be averted (i
a debt A ring on a good woman's finger is no good without a blouse on her back
An engagement by one person to another, either in words or in writing, but properly not under seal, for the performance or nonperformance of some particular thing. The word promise is used to denote the mere engagement of a person, without regard to the consideration for it, or the corresponding duty of the party to whom it is made.
To engage to do, give, make, or to refrain from doing, giving, or making, or the like; to covenant; to engage; as, to promise a visit; to promise a cessation of hostilities; to promise the payment of money.
a covenant, which when given for consideration forms a contract
a powerful time travel romance that hooks the reader due to the passion of the lead male protagonist (though one must wonder with his obsession how he escaped the men in white)
a nice word, if kept, then it is all right
A series of words said by a member to affirm dedication to the Principles of Scouting. Must be said at an investiture.
(Salvation Army) is made when a junior soldier is enrolled as a member
a necessary element of the doctrine of promissory estoppel
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a comfort to a fool"
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Bestowal, fulfillment, or grant of what is promised.
a debt paid in fulfilling it
a reflection of your company's culture, a short concise statement that sets forth your values
a statement of integrity, a statement made with integrity
an agreement to do something but you reserve the right to change your mind without notifying the other party (aka The When it's Convenient Rule)
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a very precious gift
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an obligation (a duty) even to oneself
an object which delays computing some value until such time as that value is actually needed
the search promise of The Network. is a delivery system for a unique economic development directory which is being put together by users as they make their requests for personal search assistance
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a special bond between two people that must be kept or else that bond is broken
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a type of trust
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an example of what J