Definitions for "Probability"
The quality or state of being probable; appearance of reality or truth; reasonable ground of presumption; likelihood.
That which is or appears probable; anything that has the appearance of reality or truth.
Likelihood of the occurrence of any event in the doctrine of chances, or the ratio of the number of favorable chances to the whole number of chances, favorable and unfavorable. See 1st Chance, n., 5.
A term used specifically in inductive logic; the truth of propositions must be expressed in degrees of probability.
The degree to which a proposition approaches certainty. VT believed that Christianity was certain, not merely probable, and that for an apologist to claim mere probability is to deny the clarity of Gods revelation.
Uncertainty, probability theory, probabilistic reasoning, and statistics. · 37 terms
a measure of a level of uncertainty
(for BLAST analyses) - see Expect value.
a more sensitive indicator of structural significance than the BLAST P-value
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a desperate attempt of chaos to become stable
( Stat). The frequency expressed as a proportion or percentage of the total frequency, with which in a long series of trials, strictly comparable circumstances will produce a specified value of a variable rather than any other conceivable value. ( BCFT)
Program evaluation and review technique (PERT) Promotional mix
a real number, an infinite string of digits, so infinite time is needed to calculate them
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