Definitions for "Stat"
a usually inexpensive positive photographic print of lineart or halftones used for proofing files
Black & white reproduction on photosensitive paper, produced photographically from original copy.
Term for inexpensive print of line copy or halftone.
Special Tertiary Admissions Test. an aptitude test that assists applicants to demonstrate their potential for tertiary study.
see Special Tertiary Admissions Test.
Special Tertiary Admissions Test (a test conducted by SATAC).
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a prefix indicating that an electrical unit is part of the CGS electrostatic system. These units are also indicated by the notation esu (as in "volt esu"). Although these units are defined naturally as part of the CGS system, they are usually much too large or much too small for most applications. They have been replaced almost completely by the corresponding SI units. Following are the SI equivalents for each of the "stat" units: Electric current: 1 statampere = 3.3356 x 10-10 amperes Electric charge: 1 statcoulomb = 3.3356 x 10-10 coulombs Capacitance: 1 statfarad = 1.1126 x 10-12 farads = 1.1126 picofarads Inductance: 1 stathenry = 8.9876 x 1011 henrys Resistance: 1 statohm = 8.9876 x 1011 ohms Potential: 1 statvolt = 299.79 volts Power: 1 statwatt = 10-7 watts
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Status Tag Used for internal processing at NLM. 2003: new introduced. pubmed-not-medline
Derrived from "statistic"; a number which is factored in when determining a character's performance in a wide variety of abilites-- taken together, a character's stats generally express its strengths and weaknesses.
A common medical abbreviation that means "now" or "rush."
pharmaceutical abbreviation, immediately (statim)
to be done immediately.
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Unix system call that returns useful data about an inode. The semantics of stat() vary between operating systems.
signal transducer and activator of transcription
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Now, right away, urgent
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This is the command used to check the status of an article. The article number must follow the command. The news server will send a response by letting you know if the article is available or not.
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The station of each node on a branch in the detailed output for a time step.
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See: Contact Print. to top
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Statute, or U.S. Statutes at Large
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Player statistic(s), commonly MA, ST, AG and AV (see those terms).