Definitions for "Admissions"
Confessions, concessions or voluntary acknowledgements by one party of the existence of certain facts which are relevant to the cause of his adversary (the opposite party).
Confessions, concessions, or voluntary acknowledgments made by a party of the existence of certain facts.
The department responsible for providing information about the school to prospective students, reviewing applications for acceptance to the university, and determining a student's eligibility for admission.
The 8-10 week process that takes place once you've submitted your online application. The admissions department will notify you if your application has been accepted. Submitting your application between October 1 and November 30, meeting the proper requirements and submitting transcripts and other required documents in a timely manner will help to speed the process along.
A school that accepts a student into one of their programs is said to "admit" the student into the school. The admissions department/office of a school manages that process; the receiving and reviewing of new student applications.
The number of patients, excluding newborns, accepted for inpatient service during the reporting period.
Excludes captures (unlike Old Statistical Abstract).
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