Definitions for "Financial aid transcript"
Keywords:  transcript, nslds, attend, aid, student
Provides a students financial aid history at previously attended schools needed to monitor certain aspects of student eligibility. This information is reported on SARs and ISIRs or schools can access a students financial aid history electronically through the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). In some cases, a school may require you to obtain a paper FAT.
A document used by institutions to collect data about Title IV aid and other financial aid received by a student at other educational institutions. Institutions must provide completed financial aid transcripts (FAT) at no charge to students and former students.
A form used by post-secondary institutions to collect data about a student's prior attendance at other post-secondary institutions, financial aid awards that the student received at the institution providing the transcript, and the status of certain eligibility criteria involving default and repayments owed.  All transfer students applying for aid must have this form submitted by the school they attended.