Definitions for "Bursary"
A scholarship or charitable foundation in a university, as in Scotland; a sum given to enable a student to pursue his studies.
Sends out battels (College bills), and administers grant cheques (home students). It is open from noon to 2 pm for the collection of cheques and general enquiries.
financial assistance to students based primarily on need, but sometimes including other conditions such as enrollment in a specific program. Administered by Financial Assistance; requires an application.
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Chiefly British.
The treasury of a college or monastery.
the treasury of a public institution or religious order
Bursaries enable pupils to attend boarding schools who otherwise would not be able to afford the fees. They are sometimes allocated to pupils from specific families (eg missionaries) or from particular places.
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a lump sum from the NHS that you don't have to pay back
a contribution towards the cost of study, implemented as a 50% reduction in course and registration fees