Definitions for "Federal Work-Study Program"
Part-time student employment that is funded by the Federal Government. Eligibility is based on need. Monroe College work-study students are usually placed in jobs within the school or with the NYC Public Service Corps. The rate of pay is $7.00-$9.00 per hour.
Students with financial need who require a job to help pay for college expenses are potentially eligible for employment by the college under federally supported work-study programs. To work under this program at Concordia College, you must be enrolled and be in good standing, or be accepted for enrollment as at least a half-time student. Refunds in Financial Aid Resulting From Withdrawal from School The Business Office determines the refund amount for tuition, fees, room and board in the event that you withdraw from school during the semester. Please refer to the information under Withdrawals and Refunds in the Financial Information section of the catalog, page 11. Cautionary Note Because the status of federal and state student assistance programs is ever-changing, we run the risk that published information may become out-dated. Should this occur, we will publish all applicable changes, using the numerous media available on this campus. Glossary of Terms Concordia College Financial Aid Application -- a supplemental application required by the college, available in the Financial Aid Office.
Part-time employment for students needing assistance with postsecondary education costs. A combination of federal and college or agency funds pays at least the federal minimum wage to eligible student employees.