Definitions for "CSS"
ascading tyle heet file is used to define a cascading style sheet for a web page. The purpose is to provide more control over the fonts, colors, layout, etc. that go into the web page than could be provided by raw HTML. Also, since the cascading style sheet file is separate from the HTML files, it can be shared (or even inherited; a little outside the scope of this document) by multiple web pages to help provide a consistent look-and-feel across a web site. It is not yet fully supported by all browsers; newer versions of all popular browsers do provide some CSS support, however.
A World Wide Web Consortium specification for designing layout and style elements of a Web page. It permits you to control the appearance of fonts, colors, sizes, etc. throughout the entire site by referencing one master page. FrontPage 98 does this by assisting you with the Themes option.
ascading tyle heets, enable you to define the appearance of a web page, instead of formatting individual paragraphs.
College Scholarship Service. This service processes a supplemental financial aid application called the Profile. Some colleges and universities require the Profile in addition to other financial aid forms. This is a College Board service that students must pay for. See Profile Application.
College Scholarship Service. Need analysis service, located in Princeton, NJ, which distributes the Financial Aid PROFILE, a financial aid form used mostly by selective private colleges.  CSS also administers the SAT scholastic exam.
College Scholarship Service. A need analysis service of the College Board that provides the Financial Aid PROFILE Service required by some private colleges.
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Content Scrambling System, used for digital copy protection of DVD-Video discs. CSS involves scrambling the video and audio data using keys, which are stored in encrypted form on the disc. CSS scrambling is normally carried out during glass mastering.
Content Scrambling System. A content encoding form that prevents the copying of commercial DVD discs.
Content Scrambling System. A system designed by the motion picture industry, the consumer electronics industry, and finally the computer industry, to prevent the illegal copying of content stored on DVD discs.
Customer Support System CT
Cabin Services Supervisor (formerly known as Purser) [Submitted by BAZZ
Customer Service and Support
Coastal Systems Station
Coastal Sage Scrub: A natural community comprising plants and animals.
Chloride-scrubbing system
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(Central Security Service) The CSS comprises all U.S. military branches --Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines -- and works to ensure a full partnership between the NSA and the military.
CSS Central Security Service; the military component of NSA
Criminal Conspiracy Section of the Los Angeles Police Department. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, CSS was tightly interlocked with the FBI as a local appendage of COINTELPROs aimed at the Black Panther Party and other radi- cal organizations.
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Acronym for Centerlink Stabilizing System. A dropped centerlink tends to pivot fore and aft excessively when turning force is applied. The CSS uses one or two links to tie the centerlink to a crossmember and prevent this excessive movement. Curb weight - How much the vehicle weighs when loaded with normal compliment of passengers, fuel, gear etc.
Sterile bulk by chemical synthesis SVS Sterile-filled small volume parenterals
Chemical Synthesis Services
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Child Safety Seats
Child safety seat. A common alternative term for child restraint system used primarily with general audiences.
Continuous Safety Services. CSS is a program that offers customers a full range of customized services designed to help maximize electrical safety at their facilities and comply with the requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
Christian Salvation Service, a welfare organisation in Taiwan licensed by the Taiwanese government to carry out adoptions
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ode torage egment, aka text section. This is the memory mapping containing the executable code (text) for a binary image.
Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme
Countryside Stewardship Scheme
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Contact Start-Stop technology (see also Load-Unload). The idea of CSS is that when the drive is turned of and the slider is not flying, it lands on a specially prepared (in the new drives - laser textured) landing zone where it rests until the next power-on cycle. A durability of CSS drives is usually measured in CSS cycles (landing - take-off cycles). Newest mobile and server drives use different technology called Load-Unload (L/U), where the slider is parked on a special ramp when the drive is turned off.
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The Cariboo Student Society, see TRUSU.
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The organisation formerly known as the County Surveyors Society whose regional sub-groups develop ideas and promote discussion regarding the management of PRoW on a national basis.
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Cab Signal System. A system that allows cab signals and the cab warning whistle to operate.
Certificate in Social Service
Catholic Social Services
Commissioner of Social Service
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Communication subsystem.
Cost Sharing System. Cumulative trauma disorders
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Co-ordinator Surface Search.
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Context Sensitive Solutions
Context Sensitive Switch is a device that can balance the network load for a service or data across multiple servers to increase efficiency
Center for Sustainable Systems, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
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Class menu Center for Security Studies
Controlled Slip Seconds. A Controlled Slip Second is a one-second interval containing one or more controlled slips.
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A file written in or saved as CSS.
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Central Security Services
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