Definitions for "Cascade"
A fall of water over a precipice, as in a river or brook; a waterfall less than a cataract.
To fall in a cascade.
Similar to a waterfall, but usually less steep. It has a broken water surface and continues for long segments.
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a juggling pattern in which the objects are thrown from one hand to the other (left throws to right, right throws to left) alternating, with the outgoing throw going under the incoming object
Basic pattern for an odd number of props. Props chase the shape of an infinity sign (8 on its side).
The basic juggling pattern for an odd number of objects in which the hands throw alternately; the objects cross, i.e., the right hand throws are caught in the left hand and vice versa; and in which a thrown object travels along a trajectory that goes underneath the incoming object, i.e., the throws are made from closer to the centre of the pattern than the catches.
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A Windows desktop function allowing open windows to be resized uniformly and arranged in a fanned stack from upper left to lower right.
arrange (open windows) on a computer desktop so that they overlap each other, with the title bars visible
a pleated piece of fabric used with a swag that loosely falls to the side of the window
A decorative term for drapery fabric which is flowing between two points. See Festoon
A fall of fabric that descends in a zig-zag line from a drapery heading or top treatment.
a sudden downpour (as of tears or sparks etc) likened to a rain shower; "a little shower of rose petals"; "a sudden cascade of sparks"
A form of visual post-art. Cascades are formed through followups of followups of followups etc. of posts, usually with one-word or one-sentence replies each time. The resulting triangle-shaped post can be hundreds of lines long, and can make for quite entertaining reading as well as just being cool-looking word art. Cascades also have the added effect, when used during a flamewar, of pissing off those who do not like them (see "fuckhead cascade"). 2) To participate in, or instigate, a cascade.
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CHRP codepoint config.sys CUA
Cascade is an album by folk rock band Capercaillie.
CASCADE is a Japanese Visual Kei band. They started the band in 1993 and November 1995 they debut. And in August 2002 they disband.
A sequence of successive activation reactions.
a succession of stages or operations or processes or units; "progressing in severity as though a cascade of genetic damage was occurring"; "separation of isotopes by a cascade of processes"
a sequence of events, each of which is stimulated by the previous one
Cascade allows you to easily maintain a web-based Yahoo-like directory of resources using web-based forms.
Cascade is a Web-based content management system. It's based around the idea of organizing resources into a hierachy of categories, much like Yahoo.
Breathing air tanks are refilled from larger tanks kept at a fire house, a gas supplier or on a fire truck. The large tanks along with the hoses, valves, connectors and adaptors are referred to as a Cascade system. (see SCBA)
To connect the output of one network to the input of a second network.
A tandem arrangement of two or more components in which the output of one component is connected to the input of the next component.
A control system composed of two loops where the set point of one loop (the inner loop) is the output of the controller of the other loop (the outer loop).
an accredited college preparatory school committed to solid academic standards
The Cascade is the newspaper for the University College of the Fraser Valley. It started in 1993.
The CSS cascade assigns a weight to each style rule. When several rules apply, the one with the greatest weight takes precedence. You can think of some rules coming from "higher up" in the cascade; these combine with the rules at the next level down, and the result combines with the next level, and so on, until finally you have the actual rules to be applied to the document pooled at the "base" of the cascade. The cascade is the mechanism by which rules from different places are combined to create an ├╝ber-stylesheet
When devices (typically hubs or switches) are connected together using normal ports and without benefit of dedicated stacking ports. Each device is individually managed with a unique IP address for each.
Interconnection of devices, typically hubs, that allows those devices to act together as a logical repeater.
To set and interconnect two mixers so that the stereo mixing buss(es) of the first mixer feeds the stereo buss(es) of a second mixer
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non-sort feature that enables every sorter bin to act as a receiving tray, switching the exiting of copies from one bin to the next, so that a long copying job can be run until completed and exceed the non-sort tray capacity
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Chambers CoD
Concerted Action on Seroconversion to AIDS and Death in Europe
A referential integrity option that specifies that changes or deletions to the primary key in one table will be propagated to any other tables that reference that primary key value.
a system (X, f), where X is a compact metric space and f a homeomorphism of X onto X
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The point where two lines join together so they run smoothly into one. Cascading the suspension lines results in reduced bulk and drag.
the order of events that are hypthothsized to occur in a disease process, each step involving a certain set of molecules that regulate the molecules in the next step.
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The primes or prime powers resulting from factoring sigma of some prime power, then factoring sigma of each prime or prime power in the resulting factorization, and so on.
An online facility for Athens administrators to allocate online services to every single user at their site in one single operation.
Linking two or more video bridges together to allow for larger multipoint video conferences.
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rush down in big quantities, like a cascade
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Cascade was a computer virus that had more of a humorous effect than an annoying effect. When anyone typed something on their computer and the virus was on there, the virus would force all the characters to the bottom of the screen into a pile. This was humorous to others but not to the user.
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To vomit.
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It appears to have disappeared.
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This occurs when a tape becomes full before a backup is complete. If a second drive is available, backup data is then sent to the second drive; i.e. data "cascades" from one drive to the next.
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A method used in in-service training whereby just a few are trained. These then train others, who train others, etc.