Definitions for "Piping"
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A small cord covered with cloth, -- used as trimming for women's dresses.
Cord encased in fabric and attached to the edge of a garment to add a finished look. Also used in home decor. General sewing term.
To force a pulp or batter through a piping bag, to give a desired shape.
Formation of subsurface tunnels or pipelike cavities by water moving through the soil.
The pipe like removal of soil due to seepage forces.
EROSION of closed flow CHANNELS (tunnels) by the passage of water through SOIL; flow underneath structures, carrying subsoil particles, may endanger the stability of the structure.
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Emitting a high, shrill sound.
The act of playing on a pipe; the shrill noted of birds, etc.
a long tube made of metal or plastic that is used to carry water or oil or gas etc.
The tubes through which the conveyed material travels to reach the intended destination. Pneumatic conveyor piping is arranged in a network that travels through the facility, avoiding obstacles.
Where used in this code, "piping" refers to either pipe or tubing, or both. Pipe. A rigid conduit of iron, steel, copper, brass or plastic. Tubing. Semirigid conduit of copper, aluminum, plastic or steel.
Simmering; boiling; sizzling; hissing; -- from the sound of boiling fluids.
a series of sounds made by a queen, frequently before she emerges from her cell.
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playing a pipe or the bagpipes
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Playing on a musical pipe.
Peaceful; favorable to, or characterized by, the music of the pipe rather than of the drum and fife.
resembling the music of a pipe; "the piping voices of children"
The process used to redirect the output of one command into the input of another command. Piping is accomplished with the pipe character, |.
The process where the output from one program is made to be the input for another.
In Unix, the process of sending the output from one command directly to another for use as the latter command's input. You use the vertical bar character (|) as a pipe between commands.
Used on barrel back, fan back, kidney shaped and hollow backed upholstered pieces. Individual upholstered pockets (pipes) are stuffed separately to give a comfortable soft curve in the back.
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The act of fucking an ugly girl with a pipe (rather than your dick). - Mark F, New York
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(used of heat) extremely; "the casserole was piping hot"
A piece cut off to be set or planted; a cutting; also, propagation by cuttings.
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The design on the dress blues.
Pipes, supports, fittings, valves and other components that make up the system for transporting or containing gas or liquid from one place to another.
(n) A specialized engineering field for the design of fluid and gas-carrying piping systems for process plants and other industrial and commercial structures.
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See blowing.
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Pipes, collectively; as, the piping of a house.