Definitions for "Swale"
A valley or low place; a tract of low, and usually wet, land; a moor; a fen.
A gutter in a candle.
A slight depression, sometimes swampy, in the midst of generally level land.
a meadow or a marsh where a lot of wild plants grow together
a meadow or a marsh where there is nourishment and moisture and therefore, a rich diversity of plant life
a meadow or a marsh whose abundant nourishment and moisture support a rich diversity of plant life
Swale (April 21, 1981 - June 17, 1984) was an American thoroughbred racehorse. A son of Seattle Slew, Swale was trained by Woody Stephens and ridden by Laffit Pincay, Jr., both now members of the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame.
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(See Bioswale)
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To melt and waste away; to singe. See Sweal, v.
a constructed or naturally vegetated waterway
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low area between raised areas of land