Definitions for "Raised"
Keywords:  leaven, yeast, bread, tartar, soda
Leavened; made with leaven, or yeast; -- used of bread, cake, etc., as distinguished from that made with cream of tartar, soda, etc. See Raise, v. t., 4.
leavened usually with yeast; "raised bread"
Lifted up; showing above the surroundings; as, raised or embossed metal work.
projecting above the surface.
above the surround or above the normal position; "a raised design"; "raised eyebrows"
In phonetics, a raised sound is articulated with the tongue or lip raised higher than some reference point. In the International Phonetic Alphabet this is indicated with the uptack diacritic .
Keywords:  ratchet, ram, pressed
Ram Pressed Ratchet
Geometric features (e.g., curbs) with a sharp elevation change that are not intended to be driven upon by vehicles at any time.
See Sharp.
increased especially to abnormal levels; "the raised prices frightened away customers"; "inflated wages"; "an inflated economy"
Hammering a flat sheet of metal into a container-type form.