Definitions for "Polonaise"
An article of dress for women, consisting of a body and an outer skirt in one piece.
A bed set lengthwise against the wall, sometimes in an alcove, surmounted by a small dome and elaborately dressed. Usually has high ends. Also refers to style of 18th century dress.
dress with fullness in back where a sash was tied into a bow.
The Polish language.
A stately Polish dance tune, in 3-4 measure, beginning always on the beat with a quaver followed by a crotchet, and closing on the beat after a strong accent on the second beat; also, a dance adapted to such music; a polacca.
Aristocratic Polish dance in triple time. The most famous are Chopin's 13, stirring and martial works, but composers including Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert have written them as well. Ital. is polacca.
Polonaise is a Polmos Łańcut vodka made from supreme quality rectified grain spirit and crystal-clear water. According to its producer it has a pleasant and delicate aroma and flavor with notes of the grain it is made from. It contains 40% alcohol by volume.
A condiment frequently put on a parrot sandwich.
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Of or pertaining to the Poles, or to Poland.