Definitions for "Gown"
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A loose, flowing upper garment
The ordinary outer dress of a woman; as, a calico or silk gown.
The official robe of certain professional men and scholars, as university students and officers, barristers, judges, etc.; hence, the dress of peace; the dress of civil officers, in distinction from military.
Black gown which you will need to wear to formal meetings with the Master (e.g. Master's Collections, signing the book of admission); to exams (plus cap and sub fusc), and to matriculation (plus cap and sub fusc). You are asked to wear your gown to Chapel and Formal Hall. Gowns can be bought second-hand from several shops in Oxford. A Scholar's/Exhibitioner's gown is longer than the Commoner's gown. All first year students will need a Commoner's gown.
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