Definitions for "pants"
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underwear shorts
shorts (underwear), briefs
A garment extending from the waist to the knee or ankle, covering each leg separately.
The article of clothing used to cover a boy's bottom when it is not exposed for punishment.
Fixed Gear Wheel Covers
Peeves once refused to let anyone pass until they set fire to their own pants – which Neville Longbottom did (HBP18); James Potter threatened to magically remove Severus Snape’s pants when he was bullying him (OP28)
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This is a game that is *sort of* in the tetris puzzle style. Various types of ants are crawling along and you have to swat them into the pants so the picnic food won't get stolen. Windows and Linux Versions now available.
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How you feel after losing becasue you didnt use stops Ark
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A cuss word far worse than any other.
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See Breeches
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The opposite of Beef, a card known to be especially weak or useless. "Ah man, that card is pants."