Definitions for "Jacket "
An outer covering for anything, esp. a covering of some nonconducting material such as wood or felt, used to prevent radiation of heat, as from a steam boiler, cylinder, pipe, etc.
To put a jacket on; to furnish, as a boiler, with a jacket.
1.) A material covering over a wire or cable assembly. 2.) Outer covering of a dual-wall heat-shrinkable tubing.
The supporting steel structure of the platform which is installed on the seabed.
The lower section, or "legs", of an offshore platform.
Offshore platform consisting of a framework of tubular members with a deck (or decks) on top and piles driven through the framework to fix the structure to the sea bed.
A short upper garment, extending downward to the hips; a short coat without skirts.
A garment resembling a waistcoat lined with cork, to serve as a life preserver; -- called also cork jacket.
peasant garment worn by boys not yet in breeches.
Clear plastic covering to protect slides.
A transparent plastic carrier with sleeves or channels to hold frames of microfilm.
A square of plastic that protects a 5.25-inch disk. You don't remove the jacket and expect to ever use the disk again.
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Layer of metal, usually copper or steel, that surrounds the lead core of a bullet..
(n.) With the advent of smokeless powders, bullets could be propelled at much greater speeds than with black powder. This necessitated sheathing the lead core of the bullet in a harder metal, the jacket. This may be made of copper, cupro-nickel, gilding metal, or steel. The jacket prevents the lead core from melting and leaving large deposits of lead fouling in the bore.
The area encasing a bullet.
See dust jacket or dust wrapper.
Paper dust-cover over the case
The wrapper placed around a finished casebound book.
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Jackferd Jackfruit
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Jacket is an award-winning on-line literary periodical edited by the Australian poet John Tranter. The first issue was in October 1997.
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see bookjacket. X Y Z
the tough metal shell casing for certain kinds of ammunition
The outside plaster shell of a completed mold, which gives the mold its support and rigidity, and therefore, its dimensional stability. Synonymous with mother mold, keeper shell, flask.
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a versatile wardrobe staple
a must for cool nights--not just a windbreaker
See cooling jacket, Japanese lantern-type jacket tube, water jacket
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To thrash; to beat.
In ordnance, a strengthening band surrounding and re├źnforcing the tube in which the charge is fired.
Jacket is an intentionally simple Java SOAP client that allows you to you to prepare a request and process the results using StAX. No code generation is used. Instead, users process the resulting XML directly. The class structure makes it easy to layer sophisticated processing on top of the library.
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a must for the ferry trip to the island or if boating around the island
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reputation or police record.
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an honor for members only
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a kind of shirt or dress depending on its length
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a different story
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a must as well
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put a jacket on; "The men were jacketed"